Monday, October 21, 2019
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    A right-wing crusader. Reached an age that embodies the dictum only the good die young. Country music buff. Ardent Anglophile. Hates hypocrisy and by association left-wing politics.

    Polls and Preferences

    The two polls out this week have provoked a wide range of reactions and opinions. The dust now having settled, what is there for the political...

    A Coalition Committee of Cluster Clots

    I emailed a friend saying this lot were an apology for a Government. His reply was along the lines of: They certainly couldn’t be called a...

    A Leaderless, Dysfunctional Government

    This Government is leaderless, out of control and a disgrace. The reason they’re out of control and a disgrace is a direct result of being leaderless....

    Nationalism & Patriotism are What NZ Needs

    So the little ones managed to tag an extra day onto their school holidays, no doubt with the blessing of their so-called teachers who have decided...

    One Day at the Salon

    “Y’know you’re soaking in it; global warming that is” “But Madge, it’s water. Global warming is carbon, or something.” “Carbon dioxide? No;...

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    Face of the Day

    That's it, stick a fork in's done. The New Zealand Defence Force will be updating its grooming...

    Word of the Day

    The word for today is... olfactory (adj) - Of, relating to, or contributing to the sense of smell. Source : The Free Dictionary Etymology :...

    Daily Proverb

    Proverbs 21 30 There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan    that can succeed against the Lord.

    Sunday Nightcap

    Sunday standup