Monday, July 6, 2020


    A right-wing crusader. Reached an age that embodies the dictum only the good die young. Country music buff. Ardent Anglophile. Hates hypocrisy and by association left-wing politics.

    Simon Wilson Proves Auckland Needs National

    When I was first alerted to the fact that Muller and Kaye had lunched with Simon Wilson my immediate reaction was what the .... you choose...

    A Gutless Leader and an Inept Government

    What is it with this Prime Minister? She seems determined to have us confined within our borders until a vaccine is found, which may or may...

    Still Being Brought to Heel

    The little woman running this country appears to be still obsessed with control. Even though there are countries that are happy to accept Kiwis with tourist...

    National Not Out of the Race

    Audrey Young’s article in the Weekend Herald was pretty much spot on. Under the heading “National has credible path to taking power” Audrey pointed out that,...

    Act Getting Ready to Act

    I am becoming more convinced than ever that, in David Seymour’s words, something big is happening with the Act Party. There are several reasons for this....

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    The Speech That Will Win the Presidential Election

    Patriot It has been a long time since I have seen President Trump speak with such passion...

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