Philadelphia-born psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and author who emigrated to New Zealand in 2006. He retired from psychiatric practice in 2021, refusing to be inoculated, after working in the public sector in New Zealand.


Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has decided to withdraw its covid ‘vaccine’, and you can read all about it from the BBC website here, and here, and here, all legacy media outlets. Now isn’t that interesting! Blood clots and low demand: who would have thunk?

I remember when the covid Jabs were initially rolled out, and I, not being an immunologist or virologist or even an Internal Medicine specialist, inveighed against the potential of the gene-altering and hastily pushed Jabs for fear of their potential to create significant autoimmune problems in recipients. Nonetheless, at hyper-warp-speed the death Jabs were unveiled and thrust upon the global population in record-setting time.

As the impossible-to-deny stream of adverse effects has emerged, as the turbo-cancers have startlingly appeared, and as Jab-related deaths — despite the batch irregularities — have proved to be irrefutable — as even the Cuomo brothers have entered the fray to bemoan these ‘unanticipated’ developments — it has become clearer and clearer that even to normies something big has been amiss.

In short, we Jab-skeptics were right all along even way back then to have been alarmed by the one-Jab-fits-all faux vaccine — particularly among the elderly and medically vulnerable.

So AstraZeneca has bitten the dust, but Moderna and Pfizer are still guns a blazing, and mRNA continues to be all the rage, now even for the perennially wanting flu vaccines.

What’s going on? Why have the MSM been so astoundingly attentive to the shortcomings of the Jabs, to the point where the Paper of Record aka The New York Times is now weighing in on the Jabs’ deleterious effects?

Well, I think that a little elucidation from Dashiell Hammett’s Maltese Falcon may provide a clue. Hammett’s delightfully gripping noir novel was turned into a noir cinematic masterpiece, directed by John Huston and starring the perfectly cast Humphrey Bogart, Sidney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre and Mary Astor.

Detective Sam Spade, walking a tightrope within the den of criminals who have camped out at his apartment, concludes that a fall guy would be essential for the criminals to escape the long arm of the law.

You can watch it here:

That’s how we can understand the sudden volte-face of the ever-duplicitous MSM. They’ve found their fall guy in AstraZeneca so Moderna and Pfizer can go scot-free.

You know, throughout all these past four incomprehensibly astounding years, I have struggled to come to terms with the depth and breadth of the depravity visited upon us: an unfamiliar genre of evil, full of quirks and sleight of hand that have certainly been beyond my own limited imagination of turpitude.

Yet here we have it.

In the face of the slow but inexorable march of truth, necessitating grudging admissions even from the primary purveyors of State narrative, we find yet another deviously clever stratagem. Let AstraZeneca take the fall, the better to allow the ‘innocent’ Pfizer and Moderna to continue unabated their iniquitous deployment of death Jabs.

Years ago in New York, 42nd Street was a wild and woolly place of porn movie houses and itinerant card-trick hustlers. I often stopped to watch the card sharks as they sucked in naive passersby into believing they had a chance to win a bet. Invariably the card sharks won by diverting attention from the cards they played.

AstraZeneca has taken the fall against the incontrovertible swell of truth so that the others may swim away unfettered, at least for a while.

But Judgment Day is upon us, and nobody will escape — just like in the Maltese Falcon, in fact, where all the real criminals got their due.

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