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Last week, it was reported that Paul Hunt, head of the Human Rights Commission, donated two hundred taxpayer dollars to the Mongrel Mob. That in itself was nothing short of disgraceful. It made me sick and ashamed of my government in a way I never had been before. For the more forgiving, a $200 koha made in the spirit of ‘Tikanga’ and a nice sprinkle of wokism might have resembled little threat. What’s $200 in the grand scheme of things some may ask?

I said at the time: it’s not the amount of money donated by the Human Rights Commission, it’s the woke principle underpinning the action which justifies a government donation to a known criminal organisation. Well, this week’s debacle proved this woke government’s dangerous ideology is going a lot further than a $200 donation.

$2.75 million taxpayers’ dollars. That’s how much is being paid by the government into a programme associated with Mongrel Mob criminals through the ‘Hard2Reach.program’. The programme addresses the issues of meth addiction in New Zealand communities, particularly in the sphere of organised crime. That’s all well and good, with the exception of one irritating fact.

The meth addiction program is being run by people associated with those causing the meth addiction in New Zealand communities in the first place.

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Meth has become a multi-million-dollar enterprise for gangs, with up to $2- $3 million dollars a week in Auckland alone in illegal profits. That associates of criminal gangs should take charge of cleaning up a mess that they created is a Labour driven pipe dream that has smoldered too long. You don’t put the nuts in charge of the asylum so why would any government funnel $2.75 million to those associated with meth-dealing criminals?

I am not surprised at the Mongrel Mob associates for taking the money as Ardern made them an offer too good to refuse. Imagine how many illegal weapons and pseudoephedrine $2.75 million will buy? The icing on the criminal cake is that the leader of the Mongrel Mob chapter associated with running Labour’s program is currently serving a suspended sentence for possession of an illegal firearm.

shocked jaw drop GIF
shocked jaw drop GIF

Unfortunately, the heinous crimes these murderers and merchants of misery peddle have been sidelined, forgotten, or worse, ignored by the Labour Party.

Let’s make this clear. There is no good future with gangs in New Zealand communities. Unfortunately, this sick policy appears to acknowledge and provide a role for gangs in New Zealand life moving forward. That perhaps is the most disturbing aspect.

In the eyes of Labour, funding programs associated with organised criminal groups (what should be a criminal offence in itself) is somehow ‘bold’ and ‘progressive’ justice. In any other reasonable democracy, this would probably constitute an illegal and impeachable offence.

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Like Paul Hunt last week, Jacinda Ardern has defended giving money to associates of the Mongrel Mob. Sadly, this week it wasn’t a $200 ‘Koha’, it was $2.75 million. The principle, however, remains the same. This is dangerous, woke ideology making our country less safe and softer on organised crime.  

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