Ardern’s political philosophy at its most basic is all about control. This has become more evident this term as her electoral mandate allows her carte blanche to do whatever she wants. We can call her a socialist, a Marxist, even a communist and can point to some truth in each of them according to their respective definitions. It is becoming more apparent that where she is taking the country is somewhat beyond socialism and more towards the principles of Marxism. It should be noted that communism was born out of Marxist ideals.

Control is the overarching imperative that underscores her political beliefs. Socialism, Marxism and communism all rely on various degrees of control. This control is being implemented in a devious and shambolic way. As Fran O’Sullivan points out in the Weekend Herald, Covid-19 is a handy smokescreen for radical change. Ardern has much to thank the Wuhan laboratory in China for. It gave her, first, an excuse to carry out her political ideals, and second, a landslide election win. With nothing standing in her way she is, in Fran O’Sullivan’s words, “taking the revolutionary road to state control”.

As Fran points out in her opening paragraph, “when a government tips over the chessboard, swipes the Opposition’s pieces and steamrollers over opponents – unopposed by any politician with the guts and fortitude to focus on the main game – it’s fair to say we have a revolution on our hands. This is not a stretch.”

My thinking is the Opposition parties are focusing on the main game but it’s hard to get traction with a media ostensibly also under state control. Fran also points out that, in regard to Mahuta’s water legislation, “without the smokescreen of Covid – where media and the Government’s political opponents have been focused – this incursion by the state on local government’s remit is passing by without significant analysis.”

Fran is correct. Most broadcast news has Covid as the lead item. Is this by choice or by a directive from a higher source? Having Covid constantly in bright lights is a good way of keeping the fear factor going.

We are now told by some who have been preaching Covid lockdowns that we should look at climate lockdowns. How are businesses, both large and small, supposed to operate under that sort of scenario? Easy. The Government will run them. Mahuta’s water legislation smacks of the good old socialist redistribution of wealth syndrome. Auckland will subsidise Kaipara.  Straight out of the Marxist playbook.

The problem is that in reality this is not a goer. Even a good old dyed in the wool leftie socialist like Phil Goff can see that. He’s objecting, as are other mayors. Auckland, with Watercare, could look after itself, but that is not what this government wants. As in health, they want everything centralised and under their control. In the end, Mahuta will mandate that the Councils join her system. Take Charter Schools: they can still operate, sort of, but only under government control.

We then get on to Maori issues. The spurious argument that this is putting things right for Maori under the guise of what is written on some nonsensical UN piece of paper, doesn’t hold water. Willie Jackson says we have nothing to fear. Sorry, Willie, we have everything to fear including your good self. If we have nothing to fear why was it hidden from Winston? We all know the answer to that.

We have every reason to fear the euphemism of reverse racism, or more accurately apartheid. Answer this Willie, are the blacks in South Africa any better off today? Sending letters asking a business to disclose whether or not they have some form of Maori ownership is a disgrace. How about a bit of honesty, Willie: tell us your real agenda.

I mustn’t leave out hate speech. The government wants to control what we can and can’t say. This is obviously aimed at the pale faces in the team of five million comrades. As has been the case up to now, anything the majority say about minorities in the community will be deemed racist or bigoted but vice versa it will all be hunky-dory.

The proposed new hate speech law will prove to be opening a can of racist worms because the government, from Ardern down, have no idea what constitutes hate speech. If I say Ardern is drowning in incompetence and lying like a flatfish, is that hate speech even if it’s the truth?  Her claim that “you know it when you hear it” is idiocy. In practice, I fear it will be purely determined on whether or not the person saying it is from a minority or a majority group and what position they have on the victimhood pyramid.

Hate Hierarchy. Photoshopped image credit Luke. The BFD

So we are embarking on a path to state control of anything they think they should be in charge of. Air NZ, electricity companies, bus operations, farms, the Ministry of Works and all infrastructure to name but a few.

Wages will be adjusted as part of the redistribution of wealth. The only problem with all of this is, as history shows time and time again, it doesn’t work in a democratic society. It doesn’t even work under a communist regime. It is human nature for most to want to get ahead and better themselves. Most academics and career politicians are incapable of comprehending this fact as they are unaware of how business and the real world operate. They need to get out a bit more.

Ardern might be in control but due to her policies, we are seeing a country getting out of control both socially and economically.  Legislating for centralisation, the takeover of water, hate speech, favouring one race over all others (where’s the team of five million gone?) is a recipe for division and disaster. It is not the way to prosperity. It takes away the rights of individuals and their aspirations while giving Ardern the one thing she craves: control.

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Ardern Is in Control as NZ Spins Out of Control


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