A victim of the dawn raids has likened the policies instituted by Norm Kirk and Labour, and the treatment of Pasifika people in New Zealand in the 1970s, as similar to what happened with the ghettoisation of “Jewish people in the Nazi era”.

But the apology comes after years of calls from the a brave group of teenage Polynesians, called the Pacific Panthers, who got together at the time to fight the injustices they were experiencing.

So what was it like growing up at as a Pacific person at that time?

“I think [it was] horrific for the children and for the parents to be attacked like that at that time of the morning, that time of the night with no warning,” Ness said.

He said the targeting and separation of Pacific people was reminiscent of other shameful periods in history.

I would liken it to what happened to the Jewish people in the Nazi era, yeah, it’s like that. So here in New Zealand, and we’re living like that, it reminds me also of what it would be like in South Africa during the apartheid era because we’ve seen a lot of the coverage from what happened there.”


Seriously? I mean, get stuffed. TVNZ ran the story and promoted it on Twitter:

TVNZ tweet

They deleted the tweet but their awful article is still online.

Labour might indeed have a shamefully racist past, but there is no way this is even similar. Likening Norm Kirk for his policies, to a murderous, sociopath like Adolf Hitler is pretty extreme.

Architect of the Dawn Raid “Nazi” Norm Kirk

Where were the pogroms?

Were Pasifika made to wear yellow stars?

Were they forcibly evicted from homes and businesses?

Were they forced to live in ghettos?

Were they forced into box cars and sent to work in death camps?

Were they deliberately and methodically murdered by death squads or in gas chambers simply for being one ethnic/religious background?

Nope. Basically these chumps are calling Norm Kirk a war criminal.

They forget that they were actually here illegally, overstaying their visas. The Jews of Europe who were systematically murdered by the Nazis were actually their own citizens.

This is a gross misrepresentation of the facts and an appalling minimisation of what happened in the Holocaust.

Shame on TVNZ for promoting this appalling rewriting of history.

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Dawn Raid Victim Compares Norm Kirk to Nazis
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