Nicole McKee
ACT’s Justice spokesperson

The Greens’ co-leader’s coddling of violent gang members is a kick in the guts for victims of the Mob.

Marama Davidson and Chief Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt yesterday spoke at an ‘event for justice’ at the Mongrel Mob’s headquarters.

Sharing the stage with Sonny Fatu – a man who was convicted of the brutal and prolonged torture and beating of Adrian Cochrane – they told the gangs that they’re actually bad because of racism and colonisation.

Davidson tweeted that gangs were part of ‘diverse communities, who have been subject to enduring and systemic racism’.

Hunt, proving why we need to abolish the Human Rights Commission, was reported as saying:

I recognise that rhetoric about being tough on gangs is stigmatising…It’s about building relationships…it’s about inclusion and belonging…must take into account the intergenerational impact of colonisation.

What on earth were they thinking?

Gangs are terrorising our communities, there is gun crime everywhere, harm is being caused in our emergency housing, and Davidson turns up to tell them “it’s all OK, you only do this stuff because of racism.”

How deeply insulting to all the victims and the lives ruined by the Mob.

Gang numbers have exploded under Labour.

I have a member’s bill that will target the gangs by hitting them where it hurts – their pockets.

If an illegal firearm is found in the possession of a known gang member at a property where an illegal operation is taking place, authorities will not be required to meet the current tests. The discovery of an illegal firearm can be used to fast-track the seizure of assets.”


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Greens’ Co-leader Coddles the Mob
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