Dave Chappelle’s Sticks and Stones comedy special controversially noted that the “unwritten and unspoken rule of show business” is that “you are never, ever, allowed to upset the alphabet people”.

On cue, a goodly slice of the “alphabet people” proved his point by completely losing their glitter-sprinkled shit. But not all of them: there were more than a few nodding and laughing along. Especially when Chappelle singled out one particular letter of the alphabet people: “everyone in the car just feels like the T’s are making the trip take longer”.

For all their blither about “tolerance”, the Ts are the most intolerant bigots on the face of the planet. A few of the rest of the alphabet are fed up at being associated with the constant bullshit from a bunch of nutters who can’t look in their own pants without having a fit of the screaming mee-mees.

Hence the announcement of the LGB Alliance.

We are a group of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men who are concerned about the impact gender ideology has on same-sex attracted individuals (i.e. LGB).

With great pride we stand shoulder to shoulder with many others asserting our rights as people with same-sex sexual orientation. We will align ourselves with the same aims and code of conduct as the LGB Alliance organisations elsewhere. Among us and our supporters are mental health professionals, journalists, lawyers, academics and scientists. We are one of many branches of LGB Alliance organisations that have formed around the world across many different countries.

As gay acquaintances of mine have said, “Just because I like dick doesn’t mean I have to be a flaming faggot”. Another remarks that, “There are plenty of things I’d identify as, before ‘gay’. I identify more strongly as a gamer than I do as gay”.

What this amounts to is that a great many same-sex attracted people have no truck with the ideological bullshit of “Queer” activism. Especially transgenderism.

We believe queer theory and identity politics are regressive in their approach to sexual orientation. Current gender identity theory, which redefines sexual orientation as based on gender and not sex, presents a fundamental threat to the hard-fought rights we have secured. In our view, gender identity theory is pseudo-scientific and is causing great harm and confusion, especially among children and vulnerable young people. We reject the notion that our sexual orientations are merely “genital preferences” which can be overcome. This has predominantly affected lesbians, who are told that to reject a male who identifies as a woman is “bigotry”.

Transgender ideology is particularly hostile to women – real women. Feminists who assert the essential primacy of female biology are viciously attacked and slandered as “TERFs”. Lesbians are pressured by creepy men in dresses to lay back and give themselves over to “girl dick”.

But, having subjugated women, straight and lesbian, and got their claws into children, the slithery trannies are now targeting gay men.

Gay men have increasingly been the target of similar sexual coercion, being pressured to accept female partners who identify as men. And bisexuals experience unique pressure to accept any partner regardless of attraction. Gay men have fought to be able to form relationships with other men without danger or abuse. Lesbians to be able to form relationships with other women, free from men’s advances. Bisexuals for visibility and understanding, and to be recognised on their own terms.

Transgender is not only misogynistic, it’s deeply regressive in its attitude to homosexuals and to science.

We know biological sex is observed in utero or at birth, not arbitrarily assigned; it is immutable, objective and important. No child is born in the wrong body. Children should not be taught unscientific gender doctrines that rely on harmful and outdated stereotypes. We oppose experimental medical and surgical interventions for those under 18 and see a clear link between childhood transition and homophobia.

There’s a reason why Iran is one of the busiest “transitioners”. The Islamic theocracy simply will not allow homosexuality. Homosexuals are jailed and systematically “cured” by being surgically transitioned to the opposite sex. Presto! No more homosexuals.

The LGB Alliance is also standing up for free speech.

Censorship and suppression have played a key role in our historical fight for liberation as lesbians, gay men and bisexuals. These experiences makes us keenly aware of the power of respectful freedom of speech and informed dialogue.

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On the other hand, the tranny activists rigorously censor anyone who disagrees with their lunatic agenda. Community and church leaders are dragged through the courts, scientists and medical professionals are bullied and silenced, scientific papers are purged, parents have their children taken away by the state.

However belatedly, the gay and lesbian community are waking up to the Trojan horse they unwittingly welcomed to their party.

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