Oh for God’s sake, please STOP! 

The latest piece of garbage from the woke brigade demands that Shaun Wallace, AKA “The Dark Destroyer”, from TV’s “The Chase” should do away with the descriptor “dark”.  Shaun himself says that he’s perfectly happy with his name and, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, he is actually quite dark-skinned. What the hell is wrong with that? 

The BFD.

So what does this tell us? That certain innocuous adjectives or even nouns, aptly used, now have to be culled from the English language because of some perceived negative, disparaging connotation which only exists in the warped and twisted minds of a few morons who clearly don’t have nearly enough to do, and certainly have nothing worthwhile to contribute to this world. 

I find myself thinking that this is merely the thin end of a very big wedge. If the brain-dead-but-far-too-powerful offenderati continue to get their way, where is it all going to end? The rewriting of English dictionaries, Roget’s Thesaurus, novels and poetry? The editing/censoring of any piece written for publication, to make sure that it contains no vocabulary items that could be deemed “offensive”?  Or is the goal to just burn all of them? 

I remember a Monty Python sketch from quite some years ago, where a small group of guys were sitting chatting, and one of them took great delight in always being able to identify some sort of vague double-entendre in the words of his companion(s), which he then pointed out with a dig to the ribs of the speaker, accompanied by the comment “Nudge, nudge -wink, wink!”, although only he saw any double meaning. 

That was funny. What’s happening now is not. It’s very worrying. 

How the hell do we collectively call it out and stamp it out? 

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