The Labour Party purges have begun and they have opened the gates so wide that there is now the potential to shame them into purging every single candidate on their list.

Kurt Taogaga has been withdrawn from Labour’s list for old tweets supporting an allegedly “racist” column. Photo / Facebook Source: NZ Herald
The BFD. Kurt Taogaga Tweets

They, not The BFD, set the rules, and the rules are very simple. Any social media comment, no matter how long ago it was made, can be used to smear a Labour party politician and to pressure them to resign or be used as justification to remove them from the Labour Party list.

The gloves are well and truly off, dear readers, and now they are eating their own.

With the election coming up I say that we should assist them. While on the one hand, these purges sicken me just as identity politics sickens me, we can use the identity politics playbook that the left like to use against them.

Remember the hits they put out on National party leader Todd Muller for daring to own a piece of political memorabilia and for not judging his selections based on the colour of their skin rather than on their ability and experience? He should have refused to play their game but because he did, they won.

I say GAME ON dear readers.

Finding wrong-think old tweets and Facebook posts of Labour party candidates can be a new sport for Conservatives.

If they want to eat their own then let’s catch them with their own bait and hook.

Send what you find to The BFD. If enough people join the hunt I will be able to create a new weekly post to showcase what you find.

Note: I want to make it clear that I think that “Cancel Culture” is wrong and that no politician should be punished for what they said in an old social media post. It is up to the Labour Party as to whether or not they act on what we shine sunlight on. We will not be acting as the jury or the executioner; we will simply be publishing the tweets and posts.

Perhaps if we do it often enough it might make them pause and think about how ridiculous and destructive identity politics and cancel culture is.


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