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bunker (noun) – 1. (a) A bin or tank especially for fuel storage, as on a ship.
(b) (often bunkers) Fuel, such as coal or fuel oil, used especially in ships.
2. An underground fortification, often with a concrete projection above ground level for observation or gun emplacements.
3. Sports See sand trap.

(verb) – 1. To store or place (fuel) in a bunker.
2. (Sports) To hit (a golf ball) into a sand trap.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : 1758, originally Scottish, “seat, bench,” a word of uncertain origin, possibly a variant of banker “bench” (1670s); or possibly from a Scandinavian source (compare Old Swedish bunke “boards used to protect the cargo of a ship”). Meaning “receptacle for coal aboard a ship” is from 1839. Of sand-holes on golf courses, by 1824, from the extended sense “earthen seat” (1805). The meaning “dug-out fortification” probably is from World War I.

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