Someone once said that the biggest gang in New Zealand is the New Zealand Police. While I have respect for the police and they are obviously not criminals, I do get the point that they are a powerful group. Since Stuart Nash under Jacinda Ardern, started listening exclusively to the advice of the New Zealand Police, it seems that we now have the situation where the kinds of “guns designed purely to kill people” as described by Stuart Nash are now only in the hands of gangs.

The NZ Police are now armed with the very weapons that Nash, under Police guidance, has taken off law-abiding, licenced firearms owners. The ink is barely dry on the new firearms laws and we are now seeing shootings and killings involving the NZ police and gangs as neither the NZ police nor the gangs have been disarmed of these “guns designed purely to kill people.”

The BFD. Armed police pictured at a cordon at the entrance to Ormsby Lane in the Kaimai Ranges, west of Tauranga. Photo / Alan Gibson Source: NZ Herald

The most recent incidents include:

  • An incident in Whakatane where armed officers cordoned off a residential Whakatane street. “A reporter at the scene said she could see at least 20 police and a fire appliance.”
  • An incident where two men were shot and killed in Tauranga. “The bodies of two men killed after a shooting at a Omanawa property on Tuesday have been removed as investigations continue into the incident.”
  • Police shot and killed a man in Tauranga after being fired upon during a double homicide investigation.

Police returned fire from their moving car as a fleeing gunman leaned out his window to unload another hail of bullets.

The man, who “did not want to be caught”, had earlier sprayed police with fire a semi-automatic weapon during a chase in Tauranga, police said on Friday.

On Thursday, a man was shot dead by police after he fired upon them when they attempted to stop a vehicle as part of their investigation into this week’s double homicide.


Funnily enough, it seems that Nash’s and the Police’s strategy of only disarming good guys with guns has failed to make us safer. Whoever would have guessed?

The BFD Cartoon credit BoomSlang

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