Here is page 38 from the new New Zealand teachers’ resource for child indoctrination into the religion of man-made climate change. With the banning of (Christian) religious education in schools, the CoL obviously felt the need for a replacement religion honouring Gaia.

The BFD – This is not satire
“Climate has changed before”Climate reacts to whatever forces it to change at the time; humans are now the dominant factor.
“It’s not bad”Negative impacts of global warming on agriculture, health & environment far outweigh any positives.
“There is no consensus”97% of climate experts agree humans are causing global warming.1
“It’s cooling”On average, 2000-2009 was the hottest decade on record.2
“Animals and plants can adapt”Global warming will cause mass extinctions of species that cannot adapt on short time scales.
“It hasn’t warmed since 1998”Every part of the Earth’s climate system has continued warming since 1998, with 20153 shattering temperature records.
“It’s cold!”A local cold day has nothing to do with the long-term trend of increasing global temperatures.
“Extreme weather isn’t caused by global warming”Extreme weather events are being made more frequent and worse by global warming.
“Climate scientists are in it for the money”Climate scientists could make far more money in other careers – most notably, working for the oil industry.4
“Human CO2 is a tiny % of CO2 emissions”The natural cycle adds and removes CO2 to keep a balance; humans add extra CO2 without removing any.5
“Polar bear numbers are increasing”Polar bears are in danger of extinction as well as many other species.6
“CO2 limits will harm the economy”The benefits of a price on carbon outweigh the costs several times over.
“It’s a natural cycle”No known natural forcing fits the fingerprints of observed warming except anthropogenic greenhouse gases.7
“Scientists can’t even predict weather”Weather and climate are different; climate predictions do not need weather detail.
“CO2 limits will hurt the poor”Those who contribute the least greenhouse gases will be most impacted by climate change.
“Volcanoes emit more CO2 than humans”Humans emit 100 times more CO2 than volcanoes.
“Record snowfall disproves global warming”Warming leads to increased evaporation and precipitation, which falls as increased snow in winter.8
“CO2 limits will make little difference”If every nation agrees to limit CO2 emissions, we can achieve significant cuts on a global scale.
“Renewable energy is too expensive”When you account for all the costs associated with burning coal and other fossil fuels, like air pollution and health effects, they are significantly more expensive than most renewable energy sources.
“Humans are too insignificant to affect global climate”Humans are small but powerful, and human CO2 emissions are causing global warming.
“It’s too hard” Scientific studies have determined that current technology is enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to avoid dangerous climate change.
“It’s not urgent”A large amount of warming is delayed, and if we don’t act now, we could pass tipping points.
“Climate is chaotic and cannot be predicted”Weather is chaotic but climate is driven by Earth’s energy imbalance, which is more predictable.
“Adapting to global warming is cheaper than preventing it”Preventing global warming is relatively cheap, while a “business as usual” approach will cause accelerating climate damage costs that economists struggle to even estimate.
“Renewable energy investment kills jobs”Investment in renewable energy creates more jobs than investment in fossil fuel energy.
“It’s only a few degrees”A few degrees of global warming have a huge impact on ice sheets, sea levels and other aspects of climate.
“Removing all CO2 would make little difference”Removing CO2 would cause most water in the air to rain out and cancel most of the greenhouse effect.9
“Heatwaves have happened before”Global warming is increasing the frequency, duration and intensity of heatwaves.
  1. Still repeating that old claim that has been comprehensively discredited.
  2. Even their alarmist claims are out of date 2010 – 2019 has been declared “the hottest decade on record.”
  3. 2016 beat 2015.
  4. The oil industry would not employee these charlatans.
  5. So why are humans planting trees?
  6. Bollocks.
  7. Is that because the IPCC was specifically set up to investigate only man-made climate change, by any chance?
  8. Then why did the doomer alarmists predict the end of snow?
  9. No mention that all plants would die of starvation, followed quickly by all humans.

One could go on, but you get the idea. Impressionable minds being fed unbalanced ‘information’ and you and I are funding it.

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