I bring you wonderful news from the cold and windy but still-beating heart of the nation; the luvvies are upset, they’re positively spitting wild. Sometimes it’s great to be alive.

The gentleman sending the climaterrati into an apoplectic tail-spin is Sean Rush, newly elected councillor for the Wellington’s eastern suburbs, who had the audacity to make a submission to the Zero Carbon Bill select committee arguing that the bill was all a bit too much hot air and piffle, and not enough common sense.

Stuff, with their one-seeing eye, have decided Rush is a public enemy and have produced a little flurry of articles since his election repeating all the usual prattle-cries of the left intended to besmirch the bloke – denier, oil-industry insider, anti-science, blah, blah, blah…the trouble for them is that Sean does know what he’s talking about, he’s currently completing a ‘Master’s in Climate Change Science and Policy’ at Victoria University’s School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences.

Doing what the petulant kids do when some independent thinker has the temerity to disagree with them Stuff ran to teacher and told on the recalcitrant, urging teacher to scold the boy, and midday yesterday the retort went up: “Climate scientist rubbishes his student – Wellington councillor Sean Rush.”

Doomer James Renwick, fresh from a Sunday conference advocating for a soviet solution to solve the climate-imagincy, penned the ‘rebuttal’ to the heretic and I recommend you look at the article including Rush’s full submission to parliament which upon reading will render you a nice warm glow alike a little kerosene heater inside a cold hut.

“It is therefore important that New Zealand politicians do not impose hardship by policy that is in excess to that which the climate might impose.”

Perfectly stated; Mr Rush, a phrase which should have been boldly shouted from rooftops throughout the land by the National Party, instead they hid under their safety blankets and whimpered like puppies fearing chastisement.

Sean Rush for Prime Minister, just as soon as possible please.


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