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Just when I felt a scrap of sympathy for Speak up for Women because Massey University deplatformed them… I joined their mailing list to read some of their articles. The first article in my mailbox pissed me right off and I was once again reminded why I dislike feminists. I left a comment (I’ll give credit to them for not censoring me) and I left their mailing list.

They moan about conservatives, they moan about young men not liking feminists, they crow about their great resistance and fight for liberation. They simply don’t get it

My response: 

“Eradicating single-sex spaces and safeguards for females originated from leftist ideology, not conservatives. “Gender is a social construct” didn’t work out so well for women now did it?

Why are young men happy to attack and denigrate feminists? Because feminists are happy to attack and denigrate men. “Mansplaining”, “rape culture”, “pale, male and stale”, “toxic masculinity” are regularly thrown in their faces. No wonder they disengage, no wonder the suicide rate of men is far higher than the suicide rate of women.

Who’s calling you TERF, Nazi or bigot? Debate killing name-calling is a weapon more vigorously used by leftists, activists and the far left.
Who is the vice-chancellor of Massey University (the university that recently deplatformed
Speak up for Women)? Jan Thomas, a woman. She is no right-winger or conservative btw, she de-platformed Don Brash because she considered him to be oh so hateful.

I’m a fan of Camille Paglia, I’m a woman, I used to consider myself a feminist.

These days I don’t want to be associated with feminism. Issues such as censorship, de-platforming and cancel culture have been opposed by libertarians (like me), conservatives, old school liberals and right-wingers for a while now.
Welcome to the party, what took you so long?
It might be an inconvenient truth, but your current resistance and liberation fight is against your own, not those nasty conservatives.


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