Education has been one of the most extraordinary victories for the Marxists’ Long March through the institutions. Universities have become a wasteland of leftist groupthink, where the only differences of opinion allowed are between left, far-left and communist. Those academics have in turn inculcated generations of teachers in a dismal watermelon stew of dime-store socialism and deep-green nuttiness.

The result is an education system absolutely, unquestioningly in thrall to the pseudo-religious pseudoscience of climate change alarmism. Australia’s academic rankings are steadily falling (despite billions in increased funding) because activists are posing as teachers. But hey, who cares if kids complete 12 years of schooling and still can’t read or do maths properly, so long as they’re acceptably “woke”?

Well, one parent at least cares a great deal.

A fed-up father has pulled his son out of school and has accused staff of brainwashing children, after the climate movement made its way in to his son’s Year 4 classroom.

Around the country thousands of students have taken to the streets to protest on climate change, but Matthew Karlos is infuriated about the topic being taught at his son’s state school claiming, “it’s ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.”

The “topic” is not being “taught”. The dogma is being indoctrinated. There’s a difference.

When Max was told that one of his last days of the term, would be a ‘Greenie day’ it was the final straw for the young boy and his dad.

“All the other kids, ’cause (sic) we were all in the one class at the time, they were all going, yay we can dress up as hippies, and I just said, what’s so good about it? There’s nothing good about them,” Max said.

“They just sit around doing nothing all day.”

Students were also expected to sing to the go-to environmental song Big Yellow Taxi, written by Joni Mitchell, which has been covered numerous times, including by pop band Counting Crows.

Mr Karlos had already kept Max home weeks earlier when students were asked to give a speech on the environment.

“It was to do with mankind induced climate change and all this business they carry on about now,” he said.

Unlike the “green” teachers, it turns out Max’s dad actually knows a thing or two about the environment.

This father, who is a second generation water farmer, has long had a beef with greenies, who are against his water harvesting business in northern New South Wales.

“They don’t like the trucks on the road, they don’t like this, they don’t like that you know, so here we are” he said.

And now he’s had enough of his son also getting the greenie message at his state school.

Just as the old-school churches used to use the threat of fire and brimstone to keep their flock in line, the new Church of Gaia is using the threat of fire and carbon to terrify children into submission.

“You’ve gotta (sic) teach kids to be happy and positive and it’s all well and good to be concerned about the environment and wanting to teach kids good practices […]” [but] Mr Karlos believes scenes of protesting around the country, as well as activist Greta Thunberg speaking out, amounts to brainwashing.

“The fact that you’ve got supposed adults […]pushing ideas on a 16 year old girl and using her as a pawn, is just disgusting; it’s child abuse,” he said.

“Just stop brainwashing the kids and being negative and teach them how to be positive about making good positive changes for the world, not all doom and gloom.”

…Max will now start at a new school at the beginning of term four.

Unfortunately, Mr Karlos will quickly discover that the green fundamentalists have white-anted the school system, root and branch. Home schooling is looking more and more like the only sane option.


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