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Today in Rock History

Today in Rock History is a music orientated segment where we would like to encourage readers to share their thoughts and tastes in music and discuss the various aspects of any music topic.

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The Case for Vaccine Mandates—Refuted

Vaccination Status Doesn’t Actually Tell Us Whether a Person Poses a Threat to Others.

Early in the pandemic, before vaccines were available, my uncle got COVID-19 and unknowingly passed it to my aunt. She was at high risk, trailing a small oxygen tank behind her wherever she went, and the disease quickly took its toll. She died within days.

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Volunteer Writers Wanted

The BFD Is Seeking Motivated, Concise, Reliable, and Professionally-Minded Writers

We are looking for writers who can write interesting and concise content that will engage, inform and entertain our readers. A sense of humour is very welcome.

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If They Steal It, We’ll Give It Back

The Government Is Stealing Council Assets

It doesn’t occur to Nanaia Mahuta that if people don’t like her plan, maybe they’re trying to tell her something, like it’s a stupid plan that doesn’t stack up and won’t work.

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Once Again, MSM Misrepresents Reality

How Can This Town Possibly Be Described as Remote? 

Moerewa is a small rural town on SH1 in Northland.  It is not a wealthy town. It has shops long-closed and among others a café, a food market and a second-hand shop. The shopping strip looks tired and dispirited, as shown in the photographs accompanying the article. Affco, the meat processing plant that lies to the southern end of the town is the largest regional employer.

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Our Venal NZ Media

and My Open Letter to the Editor of 'Time' Magazine

This week’s column started out to be about the venality of most of what passes these days for New Zealand’s mainstream news media (MSM).

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