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redoubt (noun):

1a: a small usually temporary enclosed defensive work
b: a defended position : protective barrier
2: a secure retreat : stronghold

Source : Merriam -Webster

Etymology : Based on its spelling, you might think that redoubt shares its origin with words such as doubt and redoubtable, both of which come from the Latin verb dubitare, meaning “to be in doubt.” But that’s not the case. Redoubt actually comes to us (via the French word redoute and the Italian word ridotto) from a different Latin verb—reducere, meaning “to lead back,” the same root that gives us reduce. How that b ended up in redoubt is a lingering question, but some etymologists have posited that the word might have been conflated with another redoubt—a now-archaic verb meaning “to regard with awe, dismay, or dread” which, unlike its twin, does indubitably come from dubitare.

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