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cacophony (noun):

1: harsh or jarring sound : dissonance
2: an incongruous or chaotic mixture : a striking combination

Source : Merriam -Webster

Etymology : If you’re hooked on phonetics, you may know that the Greek word phone has made a great deal of noise in English. Cacophony comes from a joining of phone (“sound” or “voice”) with the Greek prefix kak- (from kakos, meaning “bad”), so it essentially means “bad sound.” Other phat phone descendants include symphony, a word that indicates harmony or agreement in sound; polyphony, referring to a style of musical composition in which two or more independent melodies are juxtaposed in harmony; and euphony, a word for a pleasing or sweet sound. Kakos is responsible for far fewer English words, but one notable descendent is kakistocracy, meaning “government by the worst people,”

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