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Just a few days ago I reported on the huge news that Britain is REFUSING to sign the WHO pandemic treaty.

Now Slovakia has come out and announced that they also are NOT supporting the current version of the WHO pandemic treaty.

The Slovakian Health Ministry said that they will not be supporting any documents that could weaken Slovakia’s sovereignty.

This is one of the same reasons that Britain gave for refusing to sign the treaty, that it could undermine national sovereignty.

Are there anymore countries that will follow?

Bill Gates is behind a whopping 88% of philanthropic donations to the WHO. In reality, this is a form of lobbying. So would you want Bill Gates to influence how you should live your life?

Because I certainly did not vote for him.


Oh, and by the way…I recently saw that Bill has been supporting a company called Biomilq that is working on producing fake lab-grown human milk for babies. Should I write more about that?

The WHO pandemic treaty is horrifying. If the WHO declares a pandemic, they could tell countries that have signed onto it that they have to introduce vaccination, quarantine and even contact tracing.

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