Brian Tamaki

Renowned Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki has announced his unwavering support for the accused involved in the K-Road Rainbow Crossing incident. On Monday, 14th April 2024, Brian Tamaki will stand alongside the young man due to appear at the Auckland District Court.

In a bold move, Tamaki will address the media at 8:30 am outside the Auckland District Court premises alongside the accused. He will speak openly about the importance of the political protests currently occurring across the nation, and Tamaki will reveal the connection he has with the accused. Mr. Tamaki welcomes all members of the press to attend and is open to answering any questions they may have.

“The young man has appointed me as his Media Spokesperson, due to the importance of this case,” states Brian Tamaki.

“It is ridiculous that the police have threatened to treat this as a hate crime when they have shown no interest in treating the Te Papa Treaty defacing as a hate crime.  There seems to be massive inconsistencies with how one protest is treated, compared to another. One law for some and another law for others, and I am prepared to call out the police’s hypocritical actions.”

“Let’s not lose sight of why these Rainbow Crossing Protests occurred. Many Kiwis are concerned about the rainbow-washing taking place across this nation…it has gone too far… this is only the beginning of additional actions we will take to stop this in its tracks.”

The K-Road rainbow crossing protest followed the similar actions of Destiny Church Pastors in Gisborne who painted over a rainbow crossing when the local council refused to hear their concerns about the hosting of Drag Queen Rainbow events targeting young people within the local council library.

Following the media stand-up, the accused will proceed with their first court appearance scheduled for sometime after 9:00 am.

This article is a press release that has been published in full and un-edited by The BFD.