Harry Palmer

Though people from Britain’s colonies have always been welcomed to the heart of the Empire, the trickle became a stream following WWII when a number of shiploads of immigrants from the Caribbean, notably Jamaica, arrived, many of them on board the HMT Empire Windrush, which was in the news again recently when several of her immigrants were deemed to not be UK citizens and threatened with deportation.

In 1972, President of Uganda Idi Amin expelled many people of Indian origin and, being citizens of the United Kingdom some 30,000 of them relocated to the UK. Some returned to Uganda in 1986 when Amin had been replaced and was safely out of the way.

Residents of Hong Kong have also been relocating to the UK since coming under the rule of Mainland China: around 150,000 in the last two years alone.

Meanwhile, immigrants to the UK from the Middle East number around two million for the two-year period to June 2023.

And very big questions must arise with regard to most recent incomers to the UK, and which never seem to be answered:

What are you doing to ensure

1) these people are fully assimilated into our society, learn to speak and understand our language and customs and become contributors to its wealth and growth, and

2) provide for the extra demands that are going to be made of our National Health Service, education facilities and infrastructure like roads and transport?

They’re never answered because politicians appear to choose the opposite route, which means not only doing nothing, but punishing those who raise the questions for engaging in ‘hate speech’ (and this tactic has been extended to cover any of the groups favored by politicians, like those which support gays and transvestites, and are pro-abortion).

Meanwhile, those ‘protected’ immigrants from the ME (who despise their women and make them hide under a tent, who routinely carry knives not intended for the sharpening of pencils, who gang-rape vulnerable girls, shoplift, ram raid and loot shop fronts and money machines) inhabit their ghettoes and glower threateningly upon strangers while living on the dole and dealing drugs. The police are too frightened to do anything for fear of being labeled ‘racist’.

All that’s bad enough, but there’s more, much more, and it gets worse.

On top of companies and TV programme makers rushing to employ numbers of token coloured people at the behest of the UK Government (completely out of proportion to their actual numbers in the general UK population), we’ve got to the situation where the Noel Coward Theatre in London is putting on a performance called Slave Play and from which white people are barred entry. In their own country!

And it’s bad enough that politicians have become unaccountable to the electorate through their scheming to divide it into ‘manageable’ chunks, but they’ve also chosen to suck up to immigrant groups by encouraging the replacement of authority figures, like mayors, police commissioners, MPs, city councillors and judges, with barely assimilated immigrants and those whose true allegiances are unknown.

Thus we have the now much-hated Mayor Sadiq Khan in London, where around 37 per cent of the population was born overseas.

When Conservative MP Lee Anderson recently said Khan was controlled by Islamists, this earned Anderson the distinction of being suspended from his party.

Then there’s Judge Tan Ikram, a Muslim whose personal inclinations may have got in the way of his doing the right thing by three pro-Palestinian protesters recently when he let them go unpunished. This has resulted in calls for his actions to be investigated.

They’ve at least not yet sunk to the depths of Los Angeles and Chicago, where illegal immigrants are apparently now able to be signed on as cops and given a gun and badge. I wonder how native citizens will feel about being admonished, even arrested, by one of these people?

This pandering to immigrant arrivals in the UK has now been so firmly integrated into the warp and weft of the culture of the UK over the past 20 years or so that it makes the country almost unrecognisable to a person like me paying a visit back to the land of his birth after many years away.

And the recent anxious hand wringing by the likes of the Archbishop of Canterbury over the guilt he feels about the slave trade Britain was engaged in (which, by the way, was abolished by their parliament in 1807), is positively embarrassing.

But, like all good socialists, he’s happy to assuage his guilt by giving away other people’s money. His church originally planned to hand over the sum of a hundred million pounds by way of reparations, but some committee or other that he had a hand in appointing has recommended the sum be increased to one billion pounds. No one knows where the money is to come from – presumably the ‘little people’ who inhabit the pews. The chair of the committee making the recommendation is one Rosemarie Mallett.

Rosemarie Mallett, Bishop of Croyden. Image credit: The Diocese of Southwark.

Such is the state of the UK today, that politicians obsess about stuff that happened over two centuries ago which has no discernible effect on the lives of anyone alive today; on ensuring that no one is offended by the use of wrong pronouns; on the right to abort; and on the need to keep genuflecting to black people while their country burns down around them.

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