Bob Jones


We constantly read of scams. They always amaze me vis a vis victim’s gullibility. They also greatly annoy me when the suckers don’t accept their stupidity was the problem and instead blame their banks for following their payment instructions.

That said, news of a wonderful scam has recently emanated from India.

This was a call for altruistic volunteers to impregnate married women whose husbands are infertile.

By making a payment a range of photographs were provided of such needy women, all predictably stunning awaiting such servicing, for the victim to choose from.

The scamsters cleaned up large scale as thousands of blokes accepted this wonderful opportunity.

I was going to head this item “Only in India” until I realised it would probably work a treat everywhere.

The good thing about it from the scamster’s viewpoint, was they were able to get away with it for a few years as the victims were apparently too embarrassed to make a complaint.

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