Emanuel E. Garcia, M.D.


Philadelphia-born psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and author who emigrated to New Zealand in 2006. He retired from psychiatric practice in 2021, refusing to be inoculated, after working in the public sector in New Zealand.

    I read with mild interest in Dr. Peter McCullough’s substack article that yet another media-personality doctor has had a change of heart, or mind, or maybe just stopped drinking the Kool-Aid the other day, and has realized that her recommendations of the covid Jab was a ‘giant mistake’.

    Apparently the analysis by Mead et al, originally published by the Journal Cureus and since retracted by same, with its 293 references convinced her.

    I suppose it should be heartening to learn about the victory of rational data over irrational assumptions, but I’m not singing Hallelujahs over Dr. Boz’s conversion.

    She was evidently a doctor in 2020, and 2021, and 2022, and 2023, and despite this fact she shilled for an inadequately tested, potentially dangerous and wholly unnecessary novel medical intervention without batting a ketogenic eyelash.

    When I discussed this with a friend I was told that it surely must have been a very big deal for Dr. Boz to suffer a sea-change in her worldview after she read the Mead paper.

    But what about the sea-change in 2020 and beyond, when every cherished and hard-earned foundational principle of medical practice had been overturned? Why didn’t this rattle her?

    How and why could she or any self-respecting doctor have swallowed whole the upending of long-standing pandemic measures in favour of lockdowns and masking? How could she not have been shaken not only by the absence of early treatment and prevention, but by its active suppression? When in the history of medical practice did it become okay NOT to treat suffering patients until they couldn’t breathe?

    And I’m not even getting into the issue of questioning whether there was a true pandemic or not — in fact, there wasn’t, and whatever was going on was no more lethal than a seasonal flu, as John Ioannidis demonstrated very early on.

    I applaud Dr. McCullough’s steady scholarly work, work that gathers and presents incontrovertible evidence, and all of our efforts to demonstrate the obvious should likewise be supported.

    But I am not terribly impressed by those who so easily sold their profession’s birthright and, four long years later on their influencing platforms, recognize the error of their ways.

    Some years ago I was called by a nurse who was vetting a job applicant for whom I agreed to be a referee. She asked me if the person who had been working in my clinical department would ‘go the extra mile’. I replied that the person in question would do her damned job and do it well, which is all that I asked of clinicians and anybody else working with me.

    Frankly, all those ‘extra mile’ people are the ones to be trusted the least, in part because the dramatic frenzy of a special effort often conceals negligence of fundamentals.

    It was absolutely fundamental medicine that had been overthrown in 2020 by the organizers of the covid psyops — organizers who are still persecuting good sound physicians for having voiced legitimate concerns and for having recommended caution about the mRNA Jab and for having actually treated people with medications exponentially safer and more efficacious than the fraudulent gene-altering agent.

    I think they should be given a round of applause for having stood their ground and done their job. Despite whatever the thoroughly anti-medical Medical Council of New Zealand may try to do — and believe me, they are still harassing and persecuting them — they will prevail.

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