Doctors from New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) will be on the Parliament steps on Thursday 29 February at 1 pm, and will speak and hand over a letter demanding that the covid injections be ceased due to the overwhelming danger signals.

A spokesperson for NZDSOS, Dr Alison Goodwin said, “February has been chosen as it is the anniversary of several covid-related events – the first case on 28 Feb 2020, the first vaccines administered on 19 Feb 2021 and the convoy and Camp Freedom protest of 2022.

“As doctors, we have witnessed and are aware of significant harm caused by the injections which has affected many New Zealanders either directly or indirectly. All of us have affected friends and family”, said Dr Goodwin.

Numerous letters have been sent to elected officials and leaders of those organisations who are supposedly there to protect us.  These letters have detailed the emerging science as well as what we have seen and heard professionally”, Dr Goodwin said.  

NZDSOS has asked repeatedly for the injections to be stopped and investigated. 

We have no confidence in our adverse event monitoring systems, the coronial system with regards to investigating deaths post-covid injection, or in the ability of ACC to assess the vaccine injured.

“Our concerns have been ignored or dismissed and no one in authority or a position of influence has seen fit to discuss or engage with us, so we are compelled to be present in person.

“We have been censored and silenced by our profession and by the media.  However, we continue to speak because of the grave danger that threatens New Zealanders.

The message of NZDSOS will be simple – stop the injections. The signals of harm are extraordinary and there needs to be a thorough investigation.  

All are invited to attend.

This article is a press release that has been published in full and un-edited by The BFD.