What would have been the point of the Allied armies defeating Hitler’s Reich, if Nazism had been allowed to become the dominant ideology at home? Yet, that’s exactly what has happened in the “War on Terror”. Osama bin Laden might have been shot in his Pakistani equivalent of Hitler’s Berlin bunker (albeit, not by his own hand), but violent Islamist ideology has been allowed to become mainstream in Western society.

The thousands of “pro-Palestinian” protesters chanting “From the River to the Sea” are today’s equivalent of thousands of brownshirt marching in Sydney, London and New York in 1945, bellowing the Horst Wessel Lied. Not, of course, that the leaders of the Western nations would have allowed such vicious nonsense for a second in 1945. Today’s elites, though, are made of much worse stuff.

This phenomenon has been successful because it is coinciding with the denigration of everything that made the West strong since the Enlightenment. The fact is the October 7 attack on Israel was one of the most successful psychological operations against the West at the height of its weakness.

Which is, of course, one of the main aims of any terrorist organisation. Their primary goal is not to overthrow their enemies by force of arms, but by winning the empty heads and bleeding hearts of the useful idiots of the chattering classes.

I witnessed Islamic State in Syria and northern Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan, the New People’s Army in The Philippines and the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, as well as other rebel movements such as the Mai-Mai in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. One thing they all have in common is that their mission reaches beyond a physical dimension.

They have a cognitive network that is borderless. And when combined with a well-supplied sanctuary supported by a big brother, then they are hard to defeat. This is made even harder when they are allowed to swim in what Mao Zedong called the warm waters of the population.

In Australia and across the West, we have large pools of disgruntled, impressionable, narcissistic communities nurtured on identity politics, envy and hate, a generation reared on fear except the fear of losing the soul of the West. This is being legitimatised by leading global organisations such as the UN.

That UN workers were neck-deep in the bloody horrors of 7 Oct should surprise no one who’d paid the least attention to what they’ve been up to in Gaza for decades. But the UNRWA is only the ugliest head of the globalist hydra’s attacks on the very foundations of Enlightenment culture.

I recall when in northern Iraq describing to a UN security meeting in Erbil that ISIS was coming across from the east into Sinjar and they needed to be prepared. The response was “we don’t call them ISIS”. I then was proudly informed that UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon had sent a strongly worded letter to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

When the South Park guys are ahead of the news, you know we’re in trouble.

The fact is, the war on Islamist terrorism never ended with the demise of ISIS.

Instead, the Islamist global insurgency manoeuvred into the next phase of its plan. A climate was created for hundreds of thousands of young, fit, Western-hating, fighting-aged males to cross freely into Europe and other Western countries during the civil war in Syria. All the insurgency had to do was wait patiently for the right moment, using the sanctuaries secured in generous Western countries to drive its campaign into the heart of all facets of our Judaeo-Christian society.

This has been the pattern of Islam since Muhammad: when outnumbered, as he was in Mecca, play nice and preach ‘coexist’; when the conditions are right, time to go to Medina and bring out the scimitars. The Algerian Civil War followed the same pattern: in the early days, the Salafists assured the government that it was all about peace and harmless religious study. Once they felt empowered enough, however, they stopped even pretending that it was about anything other than violent jihad.

The Islamist insurgency’s strategy also involves deploying our own principles against us. The success of this strategy is now evident. The sight of many Western women celebrating or offering excuses for a movement that rapes, mutilates and kills women is an example.

Before our mind’s eye, the people and institutions we looked to for guidance and leadership turned the terrorists into the victims and the victims into the terrorists. The strategy has been so successful that not even many of our politicians can make a distinction between the evil acts of the terrorists and the desperate plight of the people in the Palestinian territories.

Right now the West’s enemies are co-ordinating a network of state and non-state actors, criminals, terrorists and international cartels while inspiring sympathisers at home to launch a perpetual multipolar conflict in which Australia is also a target.

Their cunning will be in not triggering a world war. The aim is to break the US-led Western resolve by targeting our centres of gravity, belief in ourselves, driving splinters of hot dissent among Western populations who are now less sure of themselves and more divided – populations losing faith in everything that has made us strong since the Enlightenment.

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We in the West are only just beginning to glimpse what it really means when the Islamists we’ve welcomed into our midst drop the ‘coexist’ cloak and go full jihad.

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