In recent times there has been a lot of talk in the media and elsewhere – actually it is just in the media and Labour Party circles – trying to paint the new Government as somehow “racist”. So let us analyse that to see if there is anything in it: something which professional journalists would do, except they don’t because it doesn’t suit their left-wing version of events.

Let us take an historical example; let’s compare how history views two groups of people and see if we discover a certain trend emerging within left-wing circles. Oh, and feel free to fact-check me; you’ll discover, as usual, I am right but merely saying something which makes left-wingers (and perhaps you?) uncomfortable because of its truthfulness.

Let’s take a cotton plantation owner in Alabama in 1850. This chap owns fifty slaves; he houses, feeds, and clothes them; they work in the fields picking cotton, and are deemed to be his property under the laws of Alabama at the time. One thing led to another and such a thing was abolished. There is no need to engage in predictable hysterical screaming with strong language; everyone is opposed to such an activity. You don’t need to show off and pretend you’re more opposed to slavery in antebellum Alabama than everyone else, as left-wingers are apt to do.

Let’s now take a Maori chief in New Zealand in 1800. This chap owns fifty slaves; he houses, feeds, and clothes them; they work in the fields – oh please, who am I trying to fool? Actually no, he just threw them on the barbie and ate them! One thing led to another; civilised British people arrived, a treaty was signed; this activity was abolished.

Now, let us take a look at how history has viewed each man. The Alabama plantation owner has been strongly and widely condemned in the intervening 175 years; especially after the US Civil War when he and other elitists in Alabama instituted (what were known as) “Jim Crow” laws, and enforced them with the Ku Klux Klan lunatics. Elitists in Alabama also didn’t do themselves any favours in their strong opposition sixty years ago to civil rights laws which abolished Jim Crow and other injustices.

And of course here in New Zealand, there is a strong condemnation of the Maori people, especially those descended from Chiefs, for their longstanding practice of slavery (and cannibalism); most Maoris involved in their local marae hang their heads in shame just thinking about their ancestors. The other 85% of the population regularly criticises Maori slavery and takes a dim view of those descendants of slave owners. Not to mention Maori elitists getting Parliament to enact racist exclusionary laws, and enforced by thugs in gangs.

Oh! hang on… (silly me!)

Why the double standard? Why does the Alabama plantation owner get condemned but the Maori chief doesn’t?

Simple: because of left-wing racism. The viewpoint is “Oh but they’re not white so don’t know any better; we’ll give them a free pass.” So when village idiots in the Maori party want to know who the real racists in NZ politics are; look no further than the Labour and Green parties. Oh and other left-wingers – historians, media people: the usual suspects.

When you engage left-wingers in conversation, and ask why they don’t condemn Maoris for slavery, they get horrified and want to say “But but but – they’re not white people“, but realise they can’t because it gives the game away.

And that, dear reader, is real racism; real white supremacy.

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