Brian Tamaki

Yesterday we saw the mockery and devaluing of our NZ Parliament!

Why should we respect the politicians in Parliament when they disrespect it like that?

Treasonous acts were committed yesterday in our Parliament that were offensive and anti-New Zealand, disrespecting the public of New Zealand who voted them in and our Parliament.

First of all, it started with the Green Party carrying out a despicable act of wearing the Palestinian/Hamas Keffiyeh (scarf). It was a deliberate act of offence to the Jewish community and to the public of New Zealand and a belittling of the atrocities committed on the 7th of October 2023.

Where are the media who should be calling out the Green Party’s actions today?

It was highly offensive. Not only did they represent another country…they represented a terrorist country. It’s a country that promotes anti-semitism.

That was an anti-Semitic act in our Parliament yesterday.

Then we have the cloak of deception of Te Pati Maori.

With all of their song and dance about not ceding to the Crown, they sneakily disrespected King Charles in Te Reo by changing the written oath to insult the King. As they were speaking in Te Reo, this illegal act was not picked up by the Clerk of the House. Effectively Rawiri Waititi, Debbie Ngarewa-Packer and Takuta Ferris are not Members of Parliament as they have not sworn their allegiance to King Charles as required by law. They purposefully diverged from the written oath in Te Reo on paper in front of them to call the King ‘Harehare’ instead of ‘Tiare’. ‘Harehare’ means scab or rash.  It was intended to be an insult. That is treason.

It was another deliberate act of offence.

The law states all MPs must swear an oath of allegiance to King Charles, our sovereign, at the Parliamentary swearing-in ceremony. Whether you believe in the King or not, those are the rules by law. These three Te Pati Maori MPs have not done this so they should immediately be expelled from Parliament. They should not get another chance to correct their treachery.  They have disrespected the law of our land, they disrespected the King, therefore they should be charged and expelled and all privileges immediately removed. We should immediately hold by-elections in their three electorates so the public can have representatives in Parliament on their behalf.

We are supposed to be able to trust those we have democratically voted in as a nation. Yet yesterday we saw Parliamentary protocol desecrated by both of these parties.

The Governor-General needs to act now as she represents the Crown. She needs to take a hard line with all of these MPs to ensure our Parliament does not fall into disarray ever again.

We are calling for these MPs from the Green Party and Te Pati Maori to be immediately expelled because of their highly treasonous acts.

On behalf of the voting public, we are expected to keep the law, so we expect those who are lawmakers to also uphold and keep the law.

Will the New Zealand public again overlook treachery within our Parliament? Treachery is a betrayal of trust, the act of being purposefully deceptive. We should not let them get away with this.

Today, we will gather and also make a statement from the steps of Parliament about the highly treasonous acts of these MPs. If the Governor-General takes her role seriously, she needs to have removed them before then.

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