As I wrote recently, Australia’s Very Special Climate Change and Energy Minister, Chris Bowen, has set himself up for spectacular humiliation at this year’s elite climate beano. Boofhead is all set to prattle about “renewables”, apparently unaware that the “climate change” script has changed, yet again.

Renewables are out, nuclear is in.

And the Labor government is definitely on the outer, with its stubborn refusal to countenance nuclear energy. No matter how dire Australia’s energy situation is, given the demented obsession with closing down reliable coal generation.

Even the other lefties are pointing at Labor and laughing.

French President Emmanuel Macron has urged Australia to lift its nuclear ban as the Albanese government shunned a declaration endorsed by more than 20 countries at the UN climate change conference to triple nuclear energy capacity globally by 2050.

Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen, who will head to Dubai for the COP28 summit this week, on Sunday faced Coalition claims that the government had “foolishly isolated itself from its AUKUS allies” by refusing to sign up to the nuclear pledge.

“Foolish” is Bowen’s middle name. Just to prove it, cop a load of this idiocy:

Mr Bowen’s spokesman said it would “take decades for Australia to start from scratch if we ­followed the Liberal National Party’s gamble for nuclear in ­Australia. (That’s) time we don’t have after the LNP oversaw 26.7GW of coal generation announced closure dates – with no plan to replace it.

Neither do you, you absolute, cretinous clown. And you’re closing down even more coal generation.

And it will take decades to build Labor’s pie-in-the-sky “renewables”. The big difference is that nuclear will cost a fraction as much and actually work.

The opposition is preparing to make mincemeat of the government, as power prices surge higher and higher, thanks to climate derangement.

With nuclear set to be a political flashpoint between the major parties at the federal election, Peter Dutton hit out at the Albanese government for being the only G20 nation not to have embraced or be on the pathway to embracing nuclear technology.

“When more than 20 countries, including some of our closest allies, signed a pledge today at COP28 in Dubai calling for a tripling of zero-emissions nuclear energy, our government was nowhere to be seen,” the Opposition Leader said. “US Climate Envoy John Kerry said ‘ … you can’t get to net zero in 2050 without some nuclear’. If Australia is serious about reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 while keeping the lights on and getting prices down, we can’t afford to take any option off the table.”

The Australian

The absolute need for nuclear, if we are to even hope to cook our bugs and keep the lights on, is so undeniable that even Labor’s paymasters recognise it.

Senior Labor and union figures are pushing the Albanese government to lift the ban on nuclear energy to help shield jobs and achieve net zero emissions, as new polling reveals urban voters support cheaper and reliable ­energy supply ahead of the renewables rollout […]

After Emmanuel Macron and former Labor minister Joel Fitzgibbon called on the government to remove prohibitions on nuclear energy at the COP28 summit, Australian Workers’ Union national secretary Paul Farrow said nuclear energy must be on the table to protect heavy industry.

The Australian

Still, there’s a tragi-comic silver lining in all this.

Watching Anthony Albanese try to walk a barbed-wire fence to keep both his union bosses and his feral, looney, watermelon backbench is going to be priceless.

I only hope we have enough electricity to heat up the popcorn.

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