We have GREAT news. For many years readers have asked us for the ability to give a BFD membership as a present but we didn’t have the technology to do it. This Christmas we finally have what you have all been asking for.


Our new system allows us to create gift subscriptions. The system also allows for multiple memberships per member. So if you have an existing membership and wish to gift a membership, you will now be able to purchase the membership as a gift from the membership registration form:

If you fill out the registration form and check the box, you’ll be prompted to send an email to the recipient of the gifted membership.

After the recipient of the gift receives the email, they can click on the link provided in the email to register for their gifted membership. They will fill out a standard registration form that a normal member would use to sign up. Once the member clicks on the Signup button, their subscription will start.

Note: If the membership is set up as a recurring subscription, the gift will only be valid for the first cycle, after which the subscription will expire. 

When a member gives a gift, they automatically become a member in the membership system (if they aren’t already). You can login and go to your account page to see the different options by clicking on the Gifts tab:

A contribution from The BFD staff.