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Nick grew up in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. He graduated from Binghamton University in 2013 with a degree in Political Science. While at Binghamton he served as the Speaker of the Student Assembly and wrote for the Binghamton Review, where his love for journalism started.


Rabid anti-Semites supporting Hamas terrorists gathered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sunday night to call for genocide against Jews and assail a Jewish-owned restaurant. But while the liberal broadcast networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC had been more concerned with suggesting “islamophobia” was on the rise since the Hamas terrorist attacks on October 7, they completely ignored the latest act of anti-Semitism in Philadelphia Monday morning.

The evil crowd marched on the restaurant called Goldie in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of the city. As noted by The Times of Israel, the restaurant was part of a chain “founded by Israeli-American celebrity chef Michael Solomonov.”

In a video taken of the anti-Semitic rally, which was posted on X, the crowd chanted “Goldie, Goldie you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide.”

Fact check: False. The restaurant was not carrying out a genocide, nor was the building attempting to hide.

CBS’s omission of the story from Monday’s CBS Mornings was particularly awful given the fact that the news outlet had previously promoted the same restaurant chain for supporting relief work in Israel after October 7.

“Philadelphia-based Israeli Chef Michael Solomonov is helping to raise money for those injured in the war in Israel,” wrote reporters Taleisha Newbill and Andi Korff in an online article. “Solomonov owns four restaurants in Philadelphia under the banner CookNSolo, including Zahav, Goldie, Laser Wolf and K’Far Cafe.”

Adding: “Solomonov said he would be donating 100% of all sales Thursday to Friends of United Hatzalah. The nonprofit emergency medical service responds to emergencies across Israel free of charge.”

CBS also published the addresses of all four restaurants, including Goldie’s.

The incident Sunday night was serious enough for national and state political leaders to acknowledge it occurred and issue statements about it. White House spokesman Andrew Bates put out a statement declaring: “It is antisemitic and completely unjustifiable to target restaurants that serve Israeli food over disagreements with Israeli policy.”

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro (D), who is Jewish, condemned the anti-Semitic hate march on X: “Tonight in Philly, we saw a blatant act of antisemitism — not a peaceful protest. A restaurant was targeted and mobbed because its owner is Jewish and Israeli. This hate and bigotry is reminiscent of a dark time in history.” He went on to note that he was planning to meet with Solomonov soon.

Philly Congressman Brendan Boyle said on X: “I can’t believe I even have to say this but targeting businesses simply because they’re Jewish-owned is despicable. Philadelphia stands against this sort of harassment and hate.”

Nationally syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt, who joined NBC in moderating the third GOP presidential debate last month, called what happened in Philly a “pogrom” and argued it should be a national story. “The explosion of anti-Semitic acts against Jewish Americans should be leading the news everywhere this morning, but legacy media is paralyzed b/c of a reflex that it must also cover hatred against Muslims,” he said.

He noted that the two attacks in Chicago, Illinois and Burlington, Vermont were “awful,” but “The number of anti-Semitic acts is far greater. The answer: Cover them all, but don’t force an equivalency that isn’t there.”

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