Seeing as Wellington is cursed with a drunken mayor and the natural habitat for a useless gaggle of Greens incapable of serving anyone but themselves, why not move the political centre of the country to Auckland? Media can do whatever they want, follow the politicians or not. They are largely irrelevant anyway.

Media squealed like stuck pigs and trailed around after the Prime Minister this week begging him to intervene on their behalf after Winston accused them of corruption and bias.

Christopher Luxon laughed at them and told a home truth – he doesn’t support the Public Interest Journalism Fund either and says he has public support.

The triumvirate thumbing their collective nose at media consternation was a glorious thing. Thank you, gentlemen, more of that, please!

And while we’re on it, don’t you think triumvirate has a much classier ring to it than thruple?

A newly appointed prime minister in touch with his voters wasn’t what the media wanted to hear, so instead of using media question time to focus on the government’s 100-day plan, some media wasted their questions by attacking Winston Peters, showing that they were not up to the job.

No one cares what they think anymore. They made themselves irrelevant six years ago when they took their political position and they haven’t budged since, despite the loss of their beloved leader.

We are in an extraordinary situation where the mainstream media are openly at war with an elected government. This has never happened before in my lifetime, and to my knowledge never in New Zealand history.

Karl du Fresne

Mike Hosking circulated the audio of Jacinda Ardern bragging about paying NZ media to produce stories to support her Covid strategies, a tactic which failed to work well for anyone and led to her political demise. Social media is a godsend in an era of carte blanche media stupidity.

Waning public support for the mainstream media will hasten their demise because our new Government has promised to end profligate spending and, until the economic climate improves, advertisers will be forced to spend their money more wisely. The writing is on the wall.

Not all media of course, just the usual suspects dominating our television screens who will either learn to earn their keep honestly or leave room for more honest media to replace them. I can’t wait!

Karl du Fresne gets the last word for nailing media bias.

They are wilfully tone-deaf to the public mood because they think they know better. It means nothing to them that the voters had had enough of Labour’s ideological excesses.

The message is clear. The mainstream media are sulking because they think the voters elected the wrong government.

I am happily a New Zealander whose heritage shaped but does not define. Four generations ago my forebears left overcrowded, poverty ridden England, Ireland and Germany for better prospects here. They were...