The Klaus Schwab-led World Economic Forum (WEF) has huge goals, including world domination. Yesterday we explored how closely Jacinda Ardern and Klaus Schwab are connected, focussing on what is revealed in their correspondence. But just how deep are the WEF into New Zealand?

First things first: you need to understand just precisely what this organisation, the World Economic Forum is all about. Many people look at their slick website and their publications and say words to the effect that they seem nice.

But, I think what some people are missing – and I’ve been watching comments come in on the site and on social media – is that Sean Plunket and other MSM know the WEF isn’t a conspiracy. They know it’s real, it’s about Klaus Schwab and about Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau and many others. But, to an ‘outsider’, like they say, it all looks fine.

The WEF has a focus on future planning and working together to that aim. It’s ‘nice’. It seems innocuous. They simply accept it at face value and don’t see anything sinister. To most, it seems to be a harmless organisation that is there for the common good. People just don’t see anything wrong with it. They are wrong, dead wrong.

To them, these OIAs and other information are valid and correct but mean nothing. That’s what they mean when they say it’s a conspiracy theory – Cam’s gone down the rabbit hole, for example.

They’re not saying the WEF et al is a conspiracy; they’re saying to call the WEF out as something sinister is a conspiracy.

But when you dig a bit deeper you should be alarmed that a bunch of elites, funded by billionaires, don’t actually have your best interests at heart. They are all about control and power and, funnily enough, they aren’t even hiding it, especially Klaus Schwab.

Yesterday we didn’t get deep down the ‘rabbit hole’, so to speak. Instead, we focussed on the emails and correspondence. Astute readers will have noticed two particular emails that I didn’t focus on because that was for today’s article.

The first email is from Jacinda Ardern to Klaus Schwab dated 18 February 2020:

Email from Jacinda Ardern to Klaus Schwab

This email mentions the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” which is a WEF initiative, based on Schwab’s book Stakeholder Capitalism. Remember, Schwab sent a Ardern copy of this book which she “appreciated”.

Jacinda Ardern has never declared at any point to the New Zealand public that she is a member of an organisation that wants to usher in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” wherein there will be a system of “Stakeholder Capitalism” in which “The Corporations” will be the “Trustees for all societies”, which will be administered by a “One World Government”. Presumably, a One World Government controlled by the alumni of the World Economic Forum and their subsidiary the Forum of Young Global Leaders.

Jacinda Ardern even features on their home page, and on their alumni page.

Would it also surprise you, that New Zealand is actually the guinea pig for this Big Brother style abrogation of your human rights?

We are, the WEF is boasting about it, and it was the reason that Kris Faafoi, then a government minister and now a lobbyist, and James Shaw went to the WEF’s Global AI Council.

WEF NZ Pilot Project Document

Ardern and her Government have signed up New Zealand to a pilot programme to develop a regulatory framework environment for AI, and they didn’t bother to ask us about it. Worse, the framework is actually a set of guidelines developed by the WEF as part of their Fourth Industrial Revolution plans.

At what point was this ever put to the voters? Why have we allowed a global organisation funded by the billionaires of the world and seeking to infiltrate, dominate and control, to set a framework for our own country?

You needn’t wonder now why it is that Jacinda Ardern is pushing and promoting her dark plan for the monitoring of free speech, and ultimately controlling that via algorithms and artificial intelligence as she clearly outlined in her recent speech to the UN.

Her agenda and who is behind it are now clear, for those who care to take an interest. This is not a conspiracy theory, it’s just a plain conspiracy, to subjugate society, and apply rules, algorithms and artificial intelligence to govern free speech, and we are guinea pigs of the World Economic Forum and their global paymasters.

How deep are the WEF and their plans into New Zealand? Really deep. They are rolling this out throughout government agencies:

WEF NZ Pilot Project Document

But it doesn’t end there. The Department of Internal Affairs is involved. The people who control Births, Deaths and Marriages and your passport and the biometric data contained therein.

Of course, this is all part of The Great Reset as other OIA documents attest to.

The Tertiary Education Commission is also busily sending WEF reports to their minister, at the time Chris Hipkins:

The WEF is actively infiltrating, manipulating and controlling our Government and they are doing it with their partners, like Jacinda Ardern. The World Economic Forum describes Ardern as a partner, and Klaus Schwab wrote to her saying he wishes to deepen the WEF’s existing partnership with Ardern.

In summary:

  • Ardern is an Alumni Member of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders. She is listed as such on the Young Global Leaders’ website. To achieve this status you have to be recruited by the WEF and go through their 5-year training programme.
  • Also, on their website, they clearly state that one of the many functions of a member is to spread the ethos of the WEF.
  • Ardern makes no reference to her membership of the Young Global Leaders on any of her profiles on the Parliamentary website, the Labour Party website, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, and Britannica Online.
  • She has never declared at any point to the NZ public she is a member of an organisation that wants to usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution wherein there will be a system of Stakeholder Capitalism in which “The Corporations” will be the “Trustees for all societies”, which will be administered by a “One World Government”.
  • There is an undeclared “partnership” between The World Economic Forum and Jacinda Ardern.

In short, Ardern is working to spread the ethos of an organisation that is working to actively undermine the sovereignty of our own country and its citizens. There’s a word for that, and it starts with T.

This is no conspiracy theory, this is just a conspiracy. The facts are there for all to seek if only people would.

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