Is the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab the Puppet Master to the Jacinda Ardern puppet? The BFD can reveal that the two are very close and working hand in hand to ensure New Zealand leads the world in implementing the World Economic Forum’s master plan, The Great Reset.

Do you remember when Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson bailed out of a radio interview with Peter Williams, then refused to ever go on his show again because he was asked about World Economic Forum’s The Great Reset?

Robertson phoned into Williams’ radio show on Thursday morning just before 10:30am, and was asked about his understanding of ‘The Great Reset’ and whether New Zealand is going to be part of it.

“Oh Peter, I think it’s actually reasonably absurd that you raise that on the programme today. My understanding, which I’ve only recently read about this, is this is a giant conspiracy theory,” Robertson responded.

Robertson’s office later contacted Williams to inform him that he would no longer appear on the show because he doesn’t want to have to shoot down conspiracy theories.


That interview was in February 2021. It may surprise Grant Robertson, who thinks The Great Reset is simply a conspiracy theory, that Jacinda Ardern received a personal copy of The Great Reset from Klaus Schwab himself, along with a handwritten note signed by Schwab:

Handwritten message to Jacinda Ardern from Klaus Schwab.

And how did Jacinda Ardern take this gift? Did she sling it in the corner with all the other gifts she either didn’t need or want? Or did she thank Klaus Schwab profusely for his gift?

Email from Jacinda Ardern’s office, dated 24 November 2020.

Note the use of Klaus Schwab’s first name, as she passed on the Prime Minister’s thanks, along with the note that the gift “was appreciated”.

Just how close are these two?

Correspondence released under the Official Information Act shows that Klaus Schwab and the Prime Minister have been in regular communication, starting in October 2017 and continuing to this year.

The correspondence shows Ardern’s commitment to the goals and plans of the World Economic Forum, which also presumably means The Great Reset.

In October 2017, just days after winning the election, Schwab was effusively writing to Ardern, congratulating her on becoming Prime Minister and ominously saying that the WEF looks forward to “deepening” its “partnership” with Ardern, while working closely with her office to “build a personalized agenda”.

October 2017 letter from Klaus Schwab to Jacinda Ardern.

Deepening the partnership with Ardern? Did the voters know that the WEF has an ongoing partnership with Ardern, and that Schwab wants to deepen that? Well, they do now.

In December 2017, still well within the new government’s 100 days, Jacinda Ardern was writing back to Klaus Schwab telling him that “New Zealand remains strongly supportive of the work of the World Economic Forum”:

December 2017 letter to Klaus Schwab from Jacinda Ardern.

“Strongly supportive”? Did the voters know this. How deep is this partnership between Jacinda Ardern and Klaus Schwab?

Just four months later Schwab was again writing to Ardern: this time imploring her to participate in the next WEF meeting at Davos in January 2019. He specifically refers to her leadership being “necessary to accelerate collaboration” on the issues of indigenous rights, sustainability and fair trade. Is this the catalyst, then, of Ardern’s push for co-governance and race-based structures and society as outlined in He Puapua?

Letter from Klaus Schwab, March 2018.

Ardern writes back in June 2018, upgrading New Zealand from strongly supporting to “highly supportive of the World Economic Forum”.

Letter from Jacinda Ardern to Klaus Schwab.

No wonder Klaus Schwab boasts of how they have “penetrat[ed] the cabinets”:

Has Klaus Schwab penetrated the cabinet of the Government of New Zealand? Remember that Schwab talks of deepening their partnership with Jacinda Ardern. This appears to no longer be a conspiracy theory: rather it is our reality. We seem to have an unelected bunch of elite technocrats penetrating our Government and boasting about it.

In April 2019 Schwab was again writing to Ardern, praising her response to the Christchurch terror attack and again inviting her to the next meeting in Davos, stating that her response to Christchurch was “a powerful demonstration of the new type of leadership” needed in the world. Presumably he thought her gun-grabbing demonisation of lawful, licensed firearms owners was part of that much-needed new type of leadership. More ominously he suggests that Ardern’s presence at Davos will deliver a strong message for a “changing world order”:

Letter from Klaus Schwab to Jacinda Ardern.

There appears to have been no response to his letter, but in January 2020 Schwab was again writing to Ardern, saying he was sorry to have missed her at Davos and inviting her to a tech summit in San Francisco. Ardern declines a month later as her draconian Covid response starts gearing up.

After her re-election, Schwab was again writing to Ardern, inviting her to Davos and praising her draconian response to Covid as “a powerful global example of responsible and responsive governance”: adding that “the world needs such leadership more than ever to learn from the challenges that the pandemic has triggered and chart a different course for the global economy”. He specifically mentions The Great Reset as an “unprecedented mobilization of actionable ideas to build a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient future”.

A week later he sends her a personal copy of The Great Reset with a handwritten letter. As we already know the gift was “appreciated”.

A few months later, in February 2021, he sends her another book authored by him entitled Stakeholder Capitalism.

Ardern replies to him a few days later saying “your kind gesture is appreciated very much”. Not just “appreciated” like it was for The Great Reset.

Schwab writes again in the same month with another invitation, this time to an event in Singapore about laying the foundations for “a more inclusive and sustainable world”.

The communications continue with another invitation sent in April and another in August 2021, just when Ardern was showing the world that her view of inclusiveness was to force vaccinations on everyone, and segregate those who refused.

These documents show clearly an unholy alliance between Jacinda Ardern’s increasingly intolerant and totalitarian Government and the unelected elites of the World Economic Forum, led by the Bond villain character of Klaus Schwab.

This is not what Grant Robertson thinks – it is not a conspiracy theory; it is reality and it appears that, just as Klaus Schwab boasted, he has penetrated our government at the highest levels.

Ardern’s own words hang her. She has said variously that New Zealand, under her leadership, is strongly supportive or highly supportive of the aims, goals and strategies of the World Economic Forum. Klaus Schwab has stated he wants to “deepen” his partnership with Jacinda Ardern. The evidence is in black and white that this Government appears to be a puppet of the World Economic Forum.

But there is an interesting twist in all of this. In August 2021 an Official Information Act request was lodged with the Prime Minister’s Office asking what communications Ardern has had with Schwab regarding The Great Reset.

OIA response from Raj Nahna.

In his reply, Ardern’s Chief of Staff Raj Nahna states that there has been no correspondence other than that listed since the receipt of the book The Great Reset. That is simply not true, as my OIA documents reveal.

  • On 24 November 2020 Ardern thanked Schwab for the gift of The Great Reset.
  • On 10 February 2021 Ardern emailed Schwab thanking him for the second book.
  • Schwab wrote a letter to Ardern on 25 February 2021.
  • Schwab wrote a letter to Ardern on 30 April 2021.
  • Schwab wrote a letter to Ardern on 25 August 2021

All of that correspondence was before Raj Nahna replied in an Official Information Act response that there was no further correspondence between Ardern and Schwab since the receipt of the book The Great Reset.

It would appear that Raj Nahna has lied in his OIA response. Albeit a small lie, it is a lie nonetheless.

What is abundantly clear is that there exists, in Schwab’s own words, a previous partnership between Jacinda Ardern and the World Economic Forum, and that Schwab wants to deepen that. That Jacinda Ardern’s government is “strongly supportive” and/or “highly supportive” of the World Economic Forum.

What is also clear is that Schwab is impressed with Ardern’s various increasingly totalitarian moves, from gun confiscation, to vaccine mandates, medical segregation and her push towards an apartheid state where 15 per cent of the population hold veto controls over every aspect of governance in New Zealand, and that is all part and parcel of the “partnership” between Ardern and the World Economic Forum.

This no longer a conspiracy theory, contrary to what Grant Robertson says. It is a fact, supported by documents. While Grant Robertson was claiming it was a conspiracy theory, his own prime minister was thanking Klaus Schwab for the gift, which she “appreciated”.

What we have now is a puppet government controlled by a puppet master.

puppet master

The full OIA request response is below.

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