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This appeal was first sent out to the New Conservative mailing list for which I write monthly. You can follow me on Telegram or Twitter.

Today Is A Good Day

Fellow New Conservative supporters constantly tell me that the most frustrating thing for them is that friends and family who agree with our policy and values still don’t vote for us. They’re worried about wasting their vote, and so they vote for the National Party.

We’d easily get to 5% if all the people who didn’t want to “waste” their vote supported us. Today is a good day to ask them to join us, even if it’s just to sign up to our mailing list. You don’t have to become a member or send us money to become a supporter. Tell them to stop being shy.

Here’s why they should jump ship. On Saturday, National MP Simon O’Conner posted “today is a good day” on Facebook. The overturning of Roe v Wade in the USA was indeed a good day. Who knows how many babies’ lives will be saved because of the downstream effects.

Later that day, O’Connor was instructed by party leader Luxon to delete the post.

Even a non-specific reference to the joy that many conservative National MPs must be feeling is not allowed in their party because it might cause distress to pro-abortionists. There’s something to be said for having more conservative electorate MPs, but if they’re all wearing a muzzle then maybe it’s time to do something more useful with your party vote.

If voting for New Conservative risks being a “waste”, then what will voting for National be?

Voting your values is never a waste, but voting for a party that hates you is much worse than a waste.

Luxon thinks he can take conservative votes for granted. Only you can stop him.

Please follow up with your friends and families and tell them that today can be a good day too if they join New Conservative and give us their party vote in 2023.

P.S. We do need donations to take this fight to the next election, so please check Kevin’s fundraising email from last week for details and donate via the website.

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