This is me- front line – before I was assaulted by WPC You can see the gathering was peaceful, good-humoured.

The WPC initially had her elbow on my windpipe -I told her she was hurting me – she moved her elbow then to my sternum – and I again told her very clearly you are hurting me – she said get your hands off me – I was linking arms with the people either side of me and told her this- she increased the pressure and the pain was unbearable. I felt something “break” in my sternum. I started to collapse, I felt faint and my legs just went under me – the people either side of me were holding me up and then agony as more police dived in pulling up my arms and injuring me further ignoring my screams that they were hurting me- I was already at a 10 for pain (!)( – unbelieveable -I was left on concrete on my hands and knees not able to breathe properly and in agony for about an hour before they called for an ambulance – the ambulance said they were there within 25 mins of the call – and you can see from this footage I was attacked around 1:30 pm.

I got to hospital around 3pm. Photographs have been taken of my injuries and I will be pressing charges against the WPC concerned. I am still in HUGE pain not able to talk / breathe deeply without extreme pain and breaking down in tears at this violent assault by another woman, who, along with her colleague is supposed to UPHOLD THE PEACE.

NZ police I am so disappointed in you today- and saying you were following orders just won’t cut it – you all have a conscience and we can see from your faces that you were not happy with the position your commanding offers put you in.

A sad day for New Zealand indeed.We started the day with peace and I know the Freedom Convoy Members that stood along side me will continue to bring peace into this situation.

Main stream media – your coverage has been appalling – and the whole of New Zealand is now getting to see, who your masters are.

Thank goodness for Social Media – let’s keep getting the word out

Please do whatever you can to share what is happening in New Zealand


Jeanette Wilson

The BFD Staff

A contribution from The BFD staff.