If you are like me you will be saving a small fortune now that business after business is discriminating against you.

Every week the value of a brunch for two is no longer being spent in my favourite local cafes.

Every month the value of our date night entrees, main meals, alcohol and desserts at our favourite Italian restaurant is staying in our pockets. We are no longer welcome.

Maybe you used to enjoy a chat and a cut and a colour in your favourite hairdresser every 6 weeks. Now your hair grows longer and that money is no longer going into the local economy where it is so badly needed.

If you think of The BFD as your local hangout why not invest the money you have saved in a membership so you can hang out with like-minded individuals who don’t care about your private medical decisions and where everyone is welcome.

With a Bronze level or higher membership you can access our private platform MyBFD and can arrange to meet up with new friends in the real world.

If the cafes won’t take your money meet up in each other’s homes and have pot luck shared lunches and dinners.

Don’t Let Ardern hurt your social life. Together we can and will find ways around all the privations she has thrown our way.

Take the discrimination as a challenge to find other ways to enjoy the small pleasures of life and if The BFD is one of your small pleasures then please treat yourself to a membership.

At The BFD you will always be welcome and your support will help ensure that we will always be around for you. This year, next year and for many years after that.

white and orange welcome aboard buoy


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