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Everything in this series of articles is my own opinion. My decisions are my own and not recommendations to anyone else. While at this stage I have chosen not to vaccinate against covid, I have taken a considerable amount of time and effort to help improve my odds, not just against Covid, but all infectious diseases.

Mandates. Cartoon Credit: Tim Ordei. The BFD.

5. Is the Vaccine Effective at Reducing Transmission?

It doesn’t seem to be. Omicron is ripping through Australia at over 25,000 new cases a day. Their high vaccination rate is making no difference to the spread of Covid. The prevalence of Omicron isn’t being caused by the unvaccinated – we can’t go anywhere.

The top 5 most vaccinated countries in the world also have the highest transmission rates and I’m being told I need to have the vaccine to protect those that already had it. To me this logic implies the vaccines are not controlling transmission.

Sweden and Norway have stopped vaccinating those under 30 and Israel has stated that those who have had two doses of the Pfizer vaccine are no longer considered vaccinated, and are requiring a sequel in the form of a 3rd shot, and now a fourth. How long is this going to go on? It seems that Team New Zealand is going to become 5 million pin cushions, while most of the poorer countries in the world still have no vaccines.

Last month The Lancet published a letter from Prof. Dr Günter Kampf, University Medicine Greifswald outlining multiple studies from Germany, the UK and Israel concluding that vaccination wasn’t reducing transmission of Covid.

“Many decision makers assume that the vaccinated can be excluded as a source of transmission. It appears to be grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant source of transmission when deciding about public health control measures.”

Catching Covid is not about the vaccinated vs unvaccinated, it is about who is infected. Someone who is unvaccinated can’t spread Covid unless they have Covid. There is now mounting evidence that there is just as much chance of anyone (especially unhealthy people, regardless of their vaccine status) contracting the virus and spreading it. Less than 20% of those that are infected (the elderly and obese) are responsible for 80% of the exhaled aerosols.

So why is it that those who are unvaccinated are being demonised for their choice and not those that are suffering from lifestyle diseases? Good health is a choice, and so too should be the vaccine.

It seems the mRNA vaccine version 1.0 is on a road to nowhere, and my confidence in it is waning as fast as its effectiveness.

6. Health

We aren’t all the same. Covid impacts people in so many different ways. This is why government health officials should not be promoting a one size fits all strategy. How easily someone catches Covid, how infectious they are, how severe their symptoms are if they are infected is determined by our age and our health. The first line of defence for any infectious disease should be focused on our own natural immune system. Medication, including vaccines, should be a backup for when good health is not possible or insufficient.

The overlap between poor metabolic health and vulnerability to Covid-19 has become impossible to ignore. And considering that the unhealthy are likely to be the super spreaders, good health, not vaccine status, could be what reduces transmission and severity of Covid.

Maybe we should have a fitness certificate instead of one for the vaccine?

Why is metabolic dysfunction so uniquely damaging to people infected with the coronavirus? We know that insulin resistance and obesity wreak general havoc with the immune system. Affected individuals get sick more frequently and when they do get sick, it’s more debilitating. Obesity causes proinflammatory immune cells to disrupt the immune homeostasis, causing adipose tissue inflammation and systemic insulin resistance, which may be particularly dangerous when Covid-19 provokes a hyperinflammatory response.

These changes not only have a negative impact on immune response but also on the efficacy of many vaccines.

A study by researchers at Stanford University’s Department of Medicine concluded

“Importantly, we demonstrated infection and inflammation in adipose tissue adjacent to critical organs such as the heart and intestine, thus pointing to the potential for adipose tissue potentiation of organ damage in severe COVID-19.

Furthermore, if adipose cells constitute a reservoir for viral infection, obesity may contribute not only to severe acute disease, but also to long-COVID syndrome. Collectively, our data implies that infection in adipose tissue may partially explain the link between obesity and severe COVID-19.”

Over half of New Zealanders are overweight with one in every four being obese. At least one-third have hypertension, and nearly one-third of those between the ages of 65 and 84 have diabetes. And the stats are much worse for Maori and Pacific Islanders. An unacceptably large percentage of our population is at an especially high risk of death from Covid-19 due to diet-related illnesses.

We had a whole year, and billions of dollars that could have been spent on encouraging people to exercise, eat whole foods, and stop eating garbage. In every announcement, the government says the “best thing you can do is get the vaccine and wear a mask”…


I wait but it never comes. Not once have I heard them say, “lose some weight”.

“There is no flu season, only a vitamin D deficiency season.” The data supporting the significant role Vitamin D plays in enhancing the immune response against infectious disease are compelling. And the research seems considerably more robust than the evidence supporting the efficacy of the vaccine.

D3 is not just a vitamin; like estrogen, testosterone and cortisol, it is a (steroid) hormone. It’s not just for preventing rickets but also plays a vital role in the immure response by penetrating the nucleus of cells and modulating the production of proteins like cytokines. Every cell in the body has D3 receptors.

The three groups most impacted by serious outcomes from Covid are the elderly, the obese, and people with darker skin – all of whom are more likely to be deficient in D3. And because of our modern lifestyle (being indoors, overweight, having a poor diet, and overusing sunscreen), most of the population are deficient.

woman in brown sun hat lying on sand during daytime
The three groups most impacted by serious outcomes from Covid are the elderly, the obese, and people with darker skin – all of who are more likely to be deficient in D3. Photo by Rafael Cisneros Méndez. The BFD.

Researchers at the Dept of Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL USA, found evidence of the supporting role Vitamin D has in enhancing the immune system and potentially reducing the complications associated with cytokine storm and unregulated inflammation in elderly patients with severe COVID-19.

When mortality per million is plotted against latitude, it can be seen that all countries that lie below 35 degrees North have relatively low mortality. This suggests a possible role for vitamin D in determining outcomes from COVID-19.

This study from researchers in Germany indicates that, with sufficient vitamin D serum levels above 50 ng/ml, there is theoretically a zero chance of death from Covid 19.

There are many scientists and researchers specialising in the research of the mechanisms and effectiveness of Vitamin D in enhancing both the innate and adaptive immune response, who advocate that focusing on increasing Vitamin D serum levels in the population would have eliminated the Covid pandemic (by reducing symptoms and transmission), but are continually being ignored by government health officials.

Scientist’s call to D* action is an initiative first issued in 2008 by Grassroots Health, in an effort to solve the vitamin D deficiency epidemic worldwide, that has the potential to reduce many diseases by 20%-50% including tuberculosis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, type-1 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, myopathy, and breast and other cancers.

Dr Anthony Fauci even said in a Twitter interview that he takes Vitamin D every day because it improves his immune response – why isn’t he saying that through official announcements? (Again, maybe you should revisit point 3).

It sort of seems like the answer to the Covid pandemic is staring us in the face. Could the sun be our pathway out of this mess? Best of all, sunshine is free.

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