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Love for Jacinda was effectively burnt to an ember on Friday. It is fair to say that a large majority of her so-called team of five million have turned against her. For every person that turned out, there will be thousands upon thousands who are thinking the same way. Ardern was correct when she stated that there was no rural-urban divide but it is her actions that have ensured that.

The rural community lit a fire that the townspeople were only too happy to support side by side, in unison with their country counterparts. Most of the team of five million are now wide awake to Ardern’s Marxist ideologies.

Groundswell Auckland. Photo credit The BFD.

Friday was all about united we stand, divided we fall. Ardern is trying to divide the country but the protests on Friday showed that the people will not fall for it.

We do not wish to live in a country that in any way aligns with her vision. We wish to live in a country where everyone is treated equally and lives in harmony with each other under the same laws.

The premise that Maori can only be equal by acquiring their own parliament, health system, justice system etc is no way to achieve a harmonious society. It will achieve just the opposite. There is an ulterior motive here that the majority of Kiwis don’t want a bar of.

The protests on Friday were about so much more than the farmers. Even they acknowledged that. They were there, first and foremost, to protest the government’s complete ignorance of what farmers are doing to achieve not only what the government wants, but what they too want.

Their message is that the rules and regulations foisted on them are a hindrance rather than a help. They just want to be left alone to get on with the job.

Labour MP Kieran McAnulty had a piece in the NZ Herald on Friday on why he wasn’t joining the protest. He comes from a farming family who are still working the land. McAnulty believes it’s the government’s job to lead what has to be done. That’s fine but it needs to be without the legislative impositions. He said most farmers he speaks to know what has to be done and are getting on with the job. Precisely, and that is exactly why they are protesting. They don’t want legislative interference.

The problem with his side of politics is that everything has to be done by government decree. Government has to be in charge of absolutely everything. New Zealand is not China, Russia, or North Korea and we abide by the Westminster system of governance. In a word, we are a democracy. Someone needs to alert Ardern to this fact.

If Ardern and McAnulty thought these protests were only about rural New Zealand they need to think again. They were about people having had enough of governance with Marxist intent.

We often talk about how we Kiwis just accept what the government throws at us without so much of a murmur. This is what made Friday’s protest all the more staggering. Town and country came together like never before. We should be forever grateful to the farming community for lighting the match.

Yes, Friday was not only about rural matters. It was about so much more. The sheer arrogance of a government that is operating more in line with the Chinese Communist Party where the comrades just do as they are told. Pushing legislation through under urgency with little or no consultation, giving preference to Maori, telling us what vehicles we can drive, penalising farmers with unwanted regulations, spending our money on nice to have projects like bike bridges and light rail, not building roads, presiding over ever-rising house prices, unemployment and gun crime, giving our money to gangs. All of that and more.

The protests on Friday proved one thing: this is, without doubt, the worst government this country has ever had. None of its members has a clue about anything. They are bereft of ideas and as a consequence, they have achieved absolutely nothing, zilch, zero. They can talk the talk but when it comes to walking the walk they are totally incapable. ‘Saint Jacinda’ might like to think she can lead her team of five million comrades to water but Friday proved they would prefer not to drink it.

Groundswell Auckland. Photo credit The BFD.

The game is most definitely up but don’t expect this government of dunderheads to believe it. First out of the blocks, as Cam predicted, was the obnoxious little David Parker. He implied that no one should expect the government to change tack on the basis of a protest. I hope he got the message from the farmers: they have given the government a month to show a meaningful change of tack or it is all on again. If this was a howl, imagine what the next one will be.

The farmers are now in no doubt they have the country, not the government, behind them. That is the reality Ardern, McAnulty, Parker and the rest of this government of dullards have to face up to. They ignore public opinion at their peril.

Ardern is looking more and more reminiscent of some lines from the song Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, or in this case red eyes:

Love is like a dying ember
And only memories remain
Through the ages I’ll remember
Red eyes crying in the rain.

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Love for Labour Is like a Dying Ember


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