The landscape for conservative media is getting darker and darker. The BFD is faced with competitors that are hock deep in Government funded troughs and social media giants that stifle freedom of expression.

This month The BFD copped a second 30-day ban on Facebook. Our first one was for posting an article from the Sensible Sentencing Trust that opposed the Government’s funding of the Mongrel Mob to the tune of $2.75m. This follows on from a seven-day ban for daring to publish an article about trans-gender activists. It is clear that the social media giants are hell-bent on silencing The BFD. That’s why we built our own social media platform MyBFD.

When you look at the millions upon millions of dollars being given to other media outlets who are prepared to toe the Government’s line then you start to see the magnitude of the challenge facing us.

The Spinoff, which has a similar audience size to us, has literally waded into the Government funding trough. The Taxpayers’ Union has tallied up all the taxpayer money given to The Spinoff (an online magazine for millennial lefties) by NZ On Air. The total: $6.1 million. $2.4 million of that was from the last 12 months.

There can be little doubt that The Spinoff is now a Government shill site, where their opinions can be bought.

Then you look at what other media are doing in order to dip into the trough, like the NZ Herald who have been promoting a new role in order to avail themselves of even more Government funding.

What Shayne Currie neglected to tell prospective applicants is that there are significant strings attached to that funding, strings The BFD would never agree to as it would destroy our editorial integrity and independence. It appears that the NZ Herald is prepared to sacrifice their independence for some filthy Government lucre.

We are not prepared to compromise in that regard. Not one inch.

We have many plans afoot. We want to hire permanent staff to cover business news. We want to have a press gallery journalist on staff. We want to produce regular informative video content like that produced by Rebel News. We want to have regular monthly political polling. But those things and those people cost real dollars.

The BFD has been given access to this studio.

We have been given access to a studio to produce content. A small team has been working hard to get this up and running, but the reality is that we need to hire a full-time producer.

The BFD has been given access to this studio.

We are funded almost entirely by our members. We have not received a single cent from any Government media funds, and nor will we apply. We are not prepared to compromise our standards.

But we are up against it. We face constant bans from social media giants, well-funded competitors supping from Government troughs and of course the ubiquitous cancel culture.

We can make a big difference. We are in reality the ONLY conservative media outlet in New Zealand. Almost every other media outlet skews left wing. We have a great bunch of enthusiastic volunteers. We have the best moderation of any news organisation in New Zealand. But it is time to go to the next level.

You can do your part.

If you are a current member, we thank you. Your contributions enable us to keep doing what we can to counter the leftwing drivel infesting our country’s news organisations.

But we need you to do more.

Can you please email your friends, acquaintances and business partners and ask them to consider becoming a member of The BFD? Will you do that for us?

Would your business consider sponsorship options? Most media these days have corporate sponsors. The Spinoff even tags their articles with the sponsor’s details. Do you think a Supporters of The BFD Programme would be worthwhile establishing? Would you consider becoming a named sponsor for something like political polling e.g. Your Company/BFD Poll.

If you aren’t currently a member would you consider becoming one?

Or failing that would you consider a donation?


Your contribution is appreciated.

If you prefer to make your donations completely anonymous, then consider donating using crypto. We recommend EasyCrypto, sign up for an account for easy buying and selling of crypto:

Bitcoin (BTC):14bbNPLKcm6EdqrBG4vvjsujwHLkyuFdkA
Ethereum (ETH): 0x0ac7DA7a34E35C0a8F86212602ee0fBFCb159cd7

There is so much that we can do. We can really take the fight to our state-funded competitors. We can deliver truly independent conservative news.

But we need your ongoing support. Every little bit helps. Hopefully, we can raise enough to start hiring a producer and very own journalists.

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