Remember when they said there was no Slippery Slope? How’s that going, as we careen down the abyss to the abolition of women, and open paedophilia, at 100mph? I’m talking, of course, about the campaign for gay marriage that swamped Australia in 2017.

What had been a ludicrous joke, even to most gay activists, at the turn of the millennium, was suddenly “the new normal”. Anyone who disagreed was just a neanderthal “homophobe”. Why worry, it’s not going to affect you, they said. It was all about “freedom”, they said. But no-one else’s freedom would be infringed, they said, hand on heart.

As politicians began grappling with the legislation that would amend the Marriage Act, the honest ones among them knew this was no consequence-free reform for the almost five million Australians who voted to uphold what human civilisation across cultures and religions had always believed about marriage.

Now, here we are, having to pass yet another bill supposedly protecting the freedom of everyone else. Without, it must be said, much obvious success.

[Michaela Cash]’s anaemic bill which does nothing to protect people like me who have just spent $70,000 on legal fees for saying genderfluid and sexualised drag queens in libraries are dangerous role models for children, will probably not even be voted on before the election.

Also left out are wedding service providers who are forced to cater to a vision of marriage which violates their conscientiously held beliefs.

Nor will the bill protect parents, doctors or consellours from vaguely-worded, dangerous “conversion therapy” laws. Laws which, oddly, enshrine the worst conversion therapy of all: convincing children to vainly try and convert their inherent biology. Australian parents are already seeing their children being stolen by the state, if they dare demur from the so-called “affirmation model” of whackadoodle transgender ideology.

The “religious freedom” bill does nothing to protect them.

Nor does it protect women in, say, Tasmania, where the amendments to the Marriage Act necessitated by the same-sex marriage postal survey were used to shoe-horn radical transgender legislation which allows anyone to assume a new identity and gender at will.

Same-sex marriage has weaponised such laws because anyone not agreeing with the LGBTIQA+ view of marriage and genderfluidity can be dragged to a commission or tribunal for hurting a gay activist’s feelings.

Taxpayer-funded LGBT legal services stand ready to help them.

My case has already involved two compulsory “conciliations”, cost $70,000, (all raised through the generous support of other free-speech loving Australians – thank you!) and there is no end in sight to my legal nightmare.

Mostly, Morrison’s bill does nothing to grapple with the essential problem: instead of a simple act of parliament — or better yet, amendment to the Constitution — guaranteeing Australians’ freedom of speech and belief, governments are increasingly and more tightly dictating what Australians are allowed to say and believe.

Asked earlier in the week about the CCP’s bullying of Australian parliamentarians, Morrison waxed lyrical about Australia’s commitment to free speech.

“Australia is a free country where you can speak your mind and under our government you can be very sure that will be retained and always stood up for in whatever form is necessary.”

Spectator Australia

This is, not to put to put too fine a point on it, a rank, stinking, colossal lie.

The very necessity of the useless, pathetic Religious Freedom Bill is proof of that.

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It Was Never Just about Gay Marriage

Lushington D. Brady

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