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The Freedoms & Rights Coalition will today make momentous history as The People’s Movement, consisting of thousands of people from all walks of life, will flood the grounds of Parliament, unhappy with many of their Freedoms & Rights currently being violated by this government.

Our founder, Brian Tamaki, has made history many times before as he led peaceful protests to the steps of Parliament, most notably the Enough is Enough march in August 2004 that made a nation sit up and take notice. Today will yet again mark a significant moment in New Zealand’s history.

It is clear, our Freedoms & Rights will no longer be reclaimed in New Zealand through the judicial system, or through writing submissions, petitions, emails and letters.

With the unfortunate news yesterday that Sue Grey was unsuccessful in the High Court with her No Jab, No Job legal case, it’s clear that our judicial system is not fit for purpose when it comes to protecting our fundamental NZ Bill of Rights.

For a long time, New Zealanders have written submissions, signed petitions and coined numerous emails and letters to politicians. Yet, time after time our politicians ignore the voice of the people and these politicians forcefully advance their predetermined agendas, be damned what anyone thinks.

The voice of outrage from the people is growing decidedly louder day by day, tensions are rising, and people are reaching breaking point or boiling point. The number of protestors is gaining in force wherever the Prime Minister goes. The tide has turned…the public mood has changed.

Jacinda and her Labour government have taken a noticeable tumble in the polls. The public has had enough of being led up the garden path by this government. 48% of our population believe we are heading in the wrong direction. The Labour Party now only have the voting support of 39.5% of our population. Where Jacinda was once considered the prized jewel in the government’s crown, she has now lost her shine.

The Labour Party’s lacklustre conference over the weekend put many to sleep and left them bored and uninspired. For a large number of Kiwis, this government no longer serves the people, they only serve their own personal lofty aspirations and podium grandstanding. This government lost touch with the public in their relentless pursuit of a doomed COVID-19 elimination strategy, be damned the cost to individual’s freedoms, rights, families, sanity and finances.

In Auckland, a large portion of the population is like a volcano just waiting to erupt. As you move throughout the city, it’s easy to sense many have reached boiling point. There is no tangible end in sight to the COVID madness. The internal pressure has built to explosive levels.

Our Police workforce is severely overworked and underappreciated as they contend with unrelenting demands from increasing crime and unforgiving border controls. Across the whole country, the Police had 69,000 mental health calls last year, and by Aug 2021 this was already at 47,000 mental health calls for the year. Family violence investigations are between 15,000 – 17,000 a month. These two types of calls (mental health and family violence) account for nearly 70% of the frontline officer’s workload. The Police are saying “there seems to be no tangible solutions in sight for either of these particularly challenging community-wide demands and so, as with other social failures, they land heavily in the lap of the police.”

The mental health issues prevalent across our nation are causing many to commit suicide, with the many failed attempts also a taboo topic. To see 90 parasuicides a month (attempted suicides amongst children) is absolutely heartbreaking. What more proof does one need in order to admit that the status quo needs to change, especially when our next generation sees there is no hope ahead of them.

The social carnage being unleashed on society by the actions of this government through lockdowns, levels, steps and traffic lights is going to haunt us for many generations to come if we don’t take matters into our own hands now and do something drastic soon to correct this path we are on.

The only hope now for ‘we the people’ is for us to reclaim our Freedoms & Rights through assertive action.

We the people, we care about the next generation. Every young person deserves to grow up full of hope, dreams and aspirations, in a country full of opportunities to flourish.

We the people, we care about the everyday Kiwis who are currently struggling under the weight of pending job losses (many faced with the looming 15th November D-day), pending business closures, and pending vaccine mandates and segregations across all levels of society.

We the people, we care about the mental health issues many Kiwis are battling through, that have been exacerbated by never-ending lockdowns, levels and limits.

We the people, we care about our families that are separated and disconnected from their natural support networks through unnatural isolations and border restrictions.

We the people, believe it is time to learn to live with COVID-19. None of us can continue to survive with lockdowns and levels, but many will survive living with COVID-19 as we begin to accept it, no longer fearing it, and treat it like we do the flu. It’s time to beef up our medical care and staff. Shut down testing stations. Let’s get on with a life of freedom as we learn to live with COVID-19.

We the people, we will present our realistic expectations on the steps of Parliament today and a challenge will go out to the 120 Members of Parliament who are supposed to serve and represent ‘we the people’ every day as they sit in the House of Representatives. Who will stand up for ‘we the people?’ Who truly cares about ‘we the people?’ Who will fight for our Freedoms & Rights? This government will have until this Friday 12th November 2021 at 2 pm to take affirmative steps.

If “No-One’ from within our House of Representatives is prepared to make moves for us, it will be time for ‘we the people’ to take matters into our hands as we undertake THE GREAT GRIDLOCK across many parts of this nation, unlike anything ever seen before.

We the people, know it’s time to take matters into our own hands, as this government no longer serves us.

Join us at Civic Square, Wellington CBD at 10.30 am today as a tsunami of many feet flood on to Parliament Grounds. Add your feet to the masses as well. Be counted as one who made history!

Take notice, Jacinda. The tide has now turned, and it’s no longer in your favour!

A Tsunami of Many Feet Flood Parliament Today!
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