It’s almost like the universe is trying to send them a message: as thousands of the global elite and climate troughers hop on their private jets and limos for yet another gabfest, in Glasgow, Britain is set to enter its worst Winter of Discontent since the mid-70s.

Back then, it was Marxists trying to stage a communist revolution that crippled Britain’s industry — especially the power industries. Power rationing forced the nation into a three-day week.

Today, it’s, well, a new breed of Marxists that are crippling Britain. They’ve just swapped their overalls and hammer-and-sickle badges for natty suits and XR badges.

The end result is the same: Britain is wracked by shortages, especially of power. Thanks to its elite’s fanatical devotion to “renewable” energy, the country is simply running out of electricity.

“Sustainability” being the buzz-word of the enviro-elite, it’s perhaps a supreme irony that Britain finds itself trapped in a gigantic, green fruit-loop of watermelon madness.

One: Britain goes big on wind turbines in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from traditional power sources.

Two: The wind don’t blow and the power don’t flow.

Three: A subsequent massive increase in demand for natural gas as a power source drives wholesale gas prices through the roof.

Four: CF Fertilisers, a US-owned British fertiliser business that also produces carbon dioxide for commercial use, suspends production because high gas prices have made the business unprofitable.

Five: Carbon dioxide is a required component for meat packaging. Without reliable supplies of commercial carbon dioxide, Britain faces a food shortage.

Six: The British government, which spent millions of pounds to cut carbon dioxide emissions, will now give millions of pounds to CF Fertilisers so it can produce carbon dioxide.

Daily Telegraph

Enjoy eating your cold, plant-based sausages by candlelight, Britain.
For the rest of us: this is a glimpse of what “net zero” really means.

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Britain’s Nutty Green Fruit-Loop

Lushington D. Brady

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