Many a politician or their ilk has been ‘wasted’ on Newshub Nation by Tova O’Brien so Judith Collins was right to be wary of suffering the same fate when asked to go on Nation. She said ‘Not Tova’, and Tova crowed about this comment on Newshub.

Anyway a compromise was reached and both looked pleased with themselves. Collins was allowed to lay down a ‘Crumb Trail’ and Tova had to follow it.

The ‘Crumb Trail’ was the topics Judith wanted to talk about: Afghanistan, the Police Armed Offenders Squad, Covid-19 and National’s petition on ‘Three Waters’.

Towards the end of the interview, Tova was allowed to broach her favourite topic, asking when Judith was going to quit her leadership of National because of poor polling. Collins pointed out that Simon Bridges at the beginning of Covid 19 had also had a drop in polling – from 40%  to 23%. Touché!

Finn Hogan on Newshub Nation said NZ First had finally come to the party on Facebook, as 17% of New Zealanders were involved in Facebook and it was a cheaper way of advertising for your own political party.  ACT had overtaken National slightly on interactions. The memes from the Outdoors Party were very funny and popular.

Professor Shaun Hendy. The BFD

On the vaccination front, Shaun Hendy produced gloomy figures of 7,000 deaths in New Zealand a year if only 80% of people were vaccinated.

As Kiwiblog pointed out, there was doubt over this doom. Rodney Jones, another modeller, said it did not pass the ‘plausibility test’ when compared to Singapore which has the same population.

Ardern had wheeled out Hendy at the ‘Un-Truth Podium’ on Thursday, but according to HDPA, his scare-mongering fell a bit flat. Hendy would have us on 450 deaths a month compared to Singapore’s 16 a month. Singapore is more densely populated than New Zealand, so we would be unlikely to have as many deaths as Singapore.

“To the beach!” Photoshopped image credit Pixy. Concept credit Juana. The BFD

Something else that fell a bit flat was Auckland’s Level 3 Lockdown. Mission Bay beach was crowded. Must have had something to do with daylight savings or perhaps it was because Dr Siouxsie Wiles and her friend were sunning themselves just up the road at Judges Bay during the Level 4 Lockdown a few weeks ago?

Siouxsie’s friend Dr Gaston even went for a swim during Level 4. An event which was denied at a previous podium by yet another Doctor, Doctor Bloomfield, even though there was clear video evidence from another person at the beach. It’s really a case of, “Doctor I’m in trouble. Goodness Gracious Me!”

Is this a conspiracy of the Three Doctors?

This leads me to the hit comedy song of “Goodness Gracious Me” by Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren.

Oh Doctor I’m in trouble ,
Well goodness gracious me,
For every time a certain man is standing next to me,
A flush comes to my face,
And my pulse begins to race,
It goes Boom, Boody-Boom, Boody-boom.
From New Delhi to Darjeeling,
I’ve done my share of healing,
And I’ve never been beaten or out-boxed,
I remember with one jab,
Of my needle in the Punjab,
How I Cleard Up beriberi,
And the dreadful dysentery,
But your complaint has got me really foxed.
Patient :
Goodness Gracious Me!

It was really a case of Doctor, Doctor I’m in trouble. Goodness Gracious Me!

Hypocrisy 4 Dummies. Image credit Wibble. The BFD.

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