Wednesday, August 12, 2020


    Never voted Labour, Greens, Act or Maori Party. Spent time overseas, mainly in the U.K. Come Judgement Day, want to say I did “something” rather than “nothing”. Love Trump. Love old movies.

    Sheriff Collins and the Hell’s Angels Gang

    InformationSatire HELL’s  ANGEL!Missie Ardern’s sainthood has been elevated to that of an angelic being. COWBOY JACK (Jackson) is referring...

    Sheriff Collins and the Mustache Gang

    InformationSatire I had to do a “Blitzkrieg” on Palmy. One of the newest members to our posse, “Sweet William” (Wood) had drawn...

    Sheriff Collins and the Ghost Train

    InformationSatire Another one of our Posse has played the Fool and ended up fallin’ off his horse and becomin’ another Ghost Rider in...

    Sheriff Collins and the Ghost Riders

    InformationSatire I shot the Sheriff but I swear it was in self defence,I shot the Sheriff and they say it is a capital offence

    Sheriff Muller and Bonnie and Clyde

    InformationSatire This is a case for Hercule Poirot. It’s a matter of who said what and when did they say it. I may...

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    Rare Griffon Vulture Saved With Help From an Israeli Military Drone

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    “Uncle Roger Work at Restaurant for a Day”

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