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New Conservative states the Labour government’s Covid 19 response strategy of ongoing lockdowns must stop.  

New Zealanders are tired of these continued restrictions on movement and freedom.  Businesses are suffering with people digging into their retirement and other savings just to stay afloat.  Those south of Auckland and more so South Islanders are even more in despair as to why they have to continually give up their freedoms.

The current strategy is flawed in many ways:

  • Placing MIQ in Auckland and other major centres greatly increases the chance of community transfer.
  • Using a lottery to allocate MIQ places is disrespectful to people and doesn’t address the demand.
  • Continued extreme lockdowns lowers people’s trust in this solution.
  • Relying on vaccination as a panacea (never a silver bullet) when the vaccine does not prevent infection or spread.
  • Running a daily propaganda show with the Prime Minister presenting medical information.
  • Constant talk of the dangers of Covid which has created an environment of fear amongst the public and businesses.

Recent talk of vaccination passports to attend events in New Zealand could take even more freedoms away from NZ citizens.  Such a passport would create a two-tiered society, a society of haves and have nots, a segregated society.  Any compulsory vaccination takes away people’s choice and freedom.

Some solutions would be

  • To build a dedicated MIQ facility away from major centres.
  • To build a specialist large isolation hospital.
  • Use tests which give more rapid results

There will be further outbreaks and future epidemics which we need to prepare for.

New Conservative believes NZ cannot continue this destructive lockdown cycle due to the catastrophic financial and personal effect on the economy and our people. 

Below for download is New Conservative’s policy on how to address the Covid problem. We need practical solutions.

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Lockdowns Must Stop
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