Brian Tamaki



Enough is enough!

Come stand with us in Auckland on Saturday the 2nd of October!
We demand our freedoms back! NO MORE LOCKDOWNS!

We want to be…

• Free to Choose
• Free to Work
• Free to Farm
• Free to Trade
• Free to Parent
• Free to Travel
• Free from Debt
• Free from Control
• Free to Live

I’m sending a message this morning to this Government. “Take your hands off my home! Take your hands off my business! Take your hands off my job. Take your hands off my farm! Take your hands off my freedoms! And, finally, take your hands off my life.” “I did not vote you in to take my freedoms. I did not vote you in to control us! I did not vote you in to be our parent.”

This government has broken the law, by creating its own laws to break previous laws eg. overriding The New Zealand Bill of Rights 1990.

They are violating our Freedom of Speech and our Freedom to Choose. Democracy has disappeared while this government has gained excessive state control. Their incompetence and failure at protecting our borders and quarantine centres, has resulted in all of these community cases coming through. Covid is only in the New Zealand community due to this government’s multiple failures.

The government has “Let the team of 5 million down badly.” The real criminals have been Jacinda Ardern and this weak government…not the team of 5 million. Jacinda…you have committed crimes against your own people! Jacinda is not our saviour, she has been our oppressor.

What can we do about it? We sin by silence when we must speak by protest! Your voice matters! Your life and your children’s lives matter! We must stand together! Let’s put our differences aside and stand on what we agree on! “OUR FREEDOMS”

I propose a peaceful stand to regain our democracy back again. We need not repeat the violent protests that are happening in Australia and around the world. We can be an example to the world, and protest peacefully.

The power is and always should be with “We The People” not with power-hungry politicians. We give them the power to govern. They are supposed to serve us, the people. BUT when a government steps over the line…it’s time for we the people to step up to the line.

I’m calling every concerned citizen, every hard-working Kiwi family to stand together for True Democracy.

This government MUST get their hands off our freedoms, off our businesses, off our jobs, off our lives and off our country. Do you want a life of levels or a life of living? You choose! We are choosing a life of living.

FREEDOMSNZ is asking the government to:

  1. As of midnight Friday, October 1st 2021…All lockdowns and levels must CEASE
  2. Otherwise, on Saturday the 2nd October 2021…A national peaceful stand will take place in Auckland and Christchurch.

We want to be free from all levels of restriction in New Zealand. Even at Level 2, we are not free to worship, we are not free to gather or party. Unless this government physically SEE how many of us are frustrated with lockdowns, they will continue to control us and destroy our country.

There will be 2 venues, Saturday 2nd October 2021 at 10 am:

  • Auckland – Auckland Domain
  • Christchurch – Cramner Square

We will then encourage every business and workplace to officially open at 12 pm to do business and trade freely on Saturday 2nd October 2021!

It’s time for this government to do their job properly. You have from today through to Friday 1st October 2021 to sort this Covid business out. Work it out, but you will no longer punish us anymore.

BUT WE MUST STAND NZ. If not NOW then when? We must do this in mass numbers to remind this government where the power really lies. The power is with the people, not politicians.



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