Guest post by Rene, owner of a small business with delightful staff and an appreciation of the beautiful things in life. One of these beautiful things, The Fallen Madonna, hangs on the wall and is a symbol of the resistance. Rene is an organiser and continually manages to stay one step ahead and organise his way out of trouble. He is currently doing what he can to end lockdown and save his business.



My bubble is big. I never thought I would be admitting this in public, but it is big and I’m proud of it. However,  it seems my bubble, big as it is, has been outdone by the Siouxsie Wiles’s bubble which is ginormous and appears to have loads of sub-bubblettes.

Siouxsie Wiles has helpfully demonstrated to us all how to survive Auckland’s Lockdown Level 4. It may also be applicable to Lockdown Level 2.75 still with the rest of the country.

  • Make your bubble bigger, have some sub-bubblettes, your family needs to see you.
  • Go to the beach by cycle. (And if you can’t bicycle, go by car and park next to the bikes. I had to add this because I am allergic to Lycra).
  • Meet a friend on the beach for a chinwag.
  • And most surprisingly, you don’t need to wear a mask for any of the above!

These new examples of Level 4 activities have been defended by Bloomfield.

Thanks, Siouxsie, I love your work. Please can you make your bubble bigger so your local cafe and businesses can open again?

The damage to Level 4 rules has been done; the political nature and silliness of the rules have been exposed by an expert and now the tide is turning. So now it’s up to you.

Let’s end all this silliness, with small acts of non-compliance every day.

Here are some tips for better living, harvested from previous comments:

  • Increase your bubble. Visit someone who you think lives alone. Too bad if they don’t.
  • Have a laugh. Humour helps take the sting out of the silly ever-changing rules.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak the truth.
  • Siouxsie’s input: make a judgment call and take off your mask.
  • Resist the sign-in: take a photo, or get creative with a name from history.
  • Walk on the beach.
  • Don’t get tested.  The government uses testing to justify further extensions to lockdown. No tests, no justification for lockdown.
  • Mental health is very important – best idea was: Pets! So go and visit your friends’ pets. Pets matter.

And a comment I particularly like:

” You cannot comply yourself out of tyranny.”

What can you do? You can suggest small acts of non-compliance to end the lockdown in the comments below.

Rene with the Fallen Madonna. Image credit The BFD.

Credit: This article would not have been possible without inspiration provided by the Fallen Madonna with the pink hair

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Resist! Small Acts of Non-compliance Every Day, Part 3
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