I thought some readers might be interested in how far the woke infestation and rot has gone in our government departments. I have written this to advise you all that our venerable spy agency The NZ SIS (the meat pie and a Playboy in the briefcase scandal lot from ancient history, the 1980s possibly) is advertising for a Maori Capability Advisor.

Maori Capability Advisor

Contribute to positive and meaningful change and support our goal of building a Maori responsive New Zealand Intelligence Community

I didn’t realise that Maori had a special need for their own tailored version of the SIS. Well, it proves I don’t know much then, doesn’t it? Predictably this is for a certain fictional place;

Aotearoa and its people.

Also, predictably, it has the requisite sprinkling of Maori to garner woke credibility in the liberal mindset wasteland;

Together Te Tira Tiaki and Te Pa Whakamarumaru are the core agencies of the New Zealand Intelligence Community (NZIC).

This is an opportunity for someone with the right skills and experience to contribute to our mahi at a strategic level.

This is not just any old role though, it is special. The person and the role require;

Your knowledge of te reo, te ao and tikanga Maori, and te tiriti o Waitangi is paramount to this role. You will understand the needs and aspirations of Maori, Maori Crown relationships, and the Treaty of Waitangi to enable you to provide leadership and advice on matters pertaining to te ao and tikanga Maori. Engaging widely and working with people in a variety of roles and from diverse backgrounds, you will build meaningful, collaborative relationships.

If you’re excited by the opportunity to join our whanau and take up this pivotal role, we would love to hear from you.

Wow, that is an impressive swamp of politically correct, woke verbiage: great stuff for sure. Also impressive is the pay range for this superhuman Herculean task.

Salary   Band L $155,982 (80%) – $233,972 (120%)

Midpoint of the salary range (100%) reflects full competence in the role.

This reveals two things.

One, there is gold in them thar hills of woke for gold-digging wokesters and race hucksters.

Two, our spy agency, like all Government Departments, is awash with taxpayer cash for certain critical high paying jobs for the brown boys and girls to fill, warm seats, and produce endless reams of Maori radical and tribal twaddle posing as legitimate policy.

It does beg a question or two, though. Why does a spy agency need a special Maori leaning? Apart from raising the salary bill, what will this actually achieve in espionage efficiency?

Maybe I’m too traditional: thinking that spying, detecting and preventing it, like COVID, is pretty much colour blind and there is no need for this job except as a woke sop and a pseudo moralistic stance to look good. What do you think?

The whole job ad is here.

I’d apply if I were of the right ethnicity and could generate woke nonsense with a straight face. Who could turn down that sort of money for jam?

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