Sir Bob Jones

Bayleys Commercial Real Estate in Auckland is advertising an industrial building currently tenanted by a manufacturer.

The large display newspaper advertisement describes it as a “Hard working industrial investment”.

Precisely what work this alleged hard working building does is not explained. However, I’m prepared to bet a million dollars to a fiver with the author of that advert, that far from hard working, the building is bone bloody idle and just sits quietly doing absolutely nothing.

Quiet reflection suggests we’ve often been too hasty in the past in banning well proven meritorious traditional activities. A classic example is public floggings. That would certainly be an appropriate curative treatment for whoever wrote that heading, albeit a little charitable perhaps given other options such as burning at the stake.

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Bayleys at It Again
Bob Jones

Bob Jones

Sir Robert ‘Bob’ Jones — now New Zealand’s largest private office building owner in Wellington and Auckland, and with substantial holdings in Sydney and Glasgow, totalling in excess of two billion...