In an overdue but very welcome display of action in defence of our New Zealand democracy and constitutional framework, the Judith Collins-led National Party has launched a campaign entitled: “Demand the Debate”, targeted initially at the He Puapua alternative system of governance that the Labour Party is endeavouring to inflict on New Zealand as a means of enabling Maori to have a 50% say in how our country is run.

I think National are being too ‘kind’. They should be demanding that this farce of a so-called government resign and give us all a chance to vote again in a snap election whether we want a bar of the He Puapua agenda Labour concealed from us and its then coalition partner New Zealand First prior to last year’s General Election.

And the resignations shouldn’t stop there: the boards and management of news media companies who have accepted hush money from Labour’s $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund should likewise reconsider their positions as they forfeited their independence by becoming paid lackeys of a mob of totalitarian socialists bent on transforming New Zealand into the kind of society that George Orwell warned us about in his epic book, 1984.

Take yesterday’s NZ Herald for instance: Simon Wilson had a column urging the National Party to “grow up.”

My immediate reaction, as a National insider with some knowledge of what’s really happening inside our party, as well as being a retired old school journo, was: When will Wilson himself “grow up” and become a proper reporter-style journalist relying on facts instead of being prone to interviewing his own uninformed keyboard?

I was at the Northern Region conference to which Wilson refers and no doubt I am one of those he labels as “climate deniers” as he parrots the Ardern/Shaw fable about a “climate crisis”. A minute’s research on Google would tell him that, according to an ongoing temperature analysis conducted by scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), the average global temperature on Earth has increased by a little more than 1° Celsius since 1880. This is to be expected as a natural consequence of the end of the last glaciation, the Little Ice Age, that ended about 1850. This minor cyclical temperature variation has been confirmed by our own NIWA as being much the same in New Zealand.

The on-going ruckus about “emissions” falsely label as a “pollutant” the trace gas carbon dioxide (CO2), all 0.0415% of it in our atmosphere. Satellites have shown us since their inception in 1979 that increased CO2 has greened planet Earth by some 15% and increased the yield of food plants.

Perhaps Wilson can give us something that NIWA, the Royal Society of New Zealand, Greenpeace et al, have been unable or refused to provide in answer to our questions asking for evidence for claims that CO2 causes anything more than minimal and cyclical natural variation in temperatures.

Perhaps he would like to comment on the 2 million dollars of Ardern’s hush-money payola that his masters at Granny Herald received?

All of this has got well past the stage of good ol’ Kiwi “she’ll be right” indifference. It’s time to stand up, be counted and take action for those of us who still revere the virtues of freedom, security, choice, opportunity for all and self-responsibility in our search for a better life for ourselves and those who come after us, as we have inherited from those who have come before.

Once again, can I implore those of you who haven’t yet done so to join the National Party and get along to a meeting of your local branch or electorate, stand up and call for support for this remit at the party’s Annual General Meeting in August:

That in its manifesto for the next General Election, the National Party pledges to review any decisions made to implement any part of the He Puapua Report.

I am increasingly (and happily!) of the opinion that He Puapua will be the death of the Ardern apology for a government in 2023, if she doesn’t get the message and put us out of our misery earlier by calling a snap election. And that doesn’t take into account this government’s intention to restrict our freedom of thought and speech with its proposed “hate speech” legislation, its “nanny” state wish to control the kinds of cars we will be allowed to drive (if we are allowed to drive at all), and the economic nonsense served up by Dr Rod Carr and his cronies in a vain attempt to control natural climate change.

With National Party MPs having rediscovered their mojo under the discipline of “Crusher” Collins, the overdue change in the occupancy of the Beehive looks more likely week by week, in spite of the misinformation and the hush money-tainted views media assail us with day by day.

Don’t just join the National Party and leave it at that: email National MPs and let ‘em know what you think.

As if He Puapua with its phoney interpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi as a “partnership” implying a 50% governance share for Maori is not bad enough, look at this latest example in the past few days that further rubs our majority noses in the mud:

The allocation by this government of $2.75 million to a Mongrel Mob chapter in Hawkes Bay for a programme to rehabilitate users of methamphetamine.

We agree with our fellow bloggers at Kiwiblog, when they say:

The Mob have it great. The create or import the meth. They sell the meth and make money from that and then the taxpayer gives them more money to fund rehabilitation made necessary by the drugs they sell. They can’t lose. And to add insult to injury the money comes from the proceeds of crime money. This is meant to help victims, not fund the people who cause them.

The Mongrel Mob are not a community group like Rotary. Having them involved in drug rehabilitation is a sick joke. The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Justice should be censured for their decisions to fund this. Kahukura is expected to run for three cycles of 10 weeks per year over three years, serving up to 10 participants and their wh?nau – about 40 people – per cycle.So that is $900,000 a year for 30 people a year or $30,000 per person. It is a 10 week course so they are charging $3,000 a week per person. Not only are we funding gangs, but we are doing so at rip off rates.

Turns out some of the activities being funded by this money includes participants doing gardening at the home of the local Mob chapter President.  If you want to see an end to this, sign the Taxpayers’ Union petition demanding the Government stop funding gangs.

The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union tells us that the fund that gave a $2.75 million drug rehab contract to Mongrel Mob leaders is managed by just three ministers, meaning the grant was signed off by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, and Minister of Justice.

To help readers understand why He Puapua  is such a threat to the unique New Zealand way of life to which we have become accustomed, and on which we place such value, please take the time to read this from Professor Elizabeth Rata: Inclusive Biculturalism, Exclusive Biculturalism and the Nation

Make no mistake, there is only one way we can make it certain that New Zealand escapes the scourge of He Puapua and retains our own uniquely Kiwi brand of inclusive biculturalism: dump this loony Labour socialist government at the earliest opportunity.

In spite of the misformation fed to you by the views media, there is only one viable alternative: a National Party-led government under Prime Minister Judith Collins, in coalition with ACT, and possibly New Zealand First if they make it back.

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‘Demand the Debate’ – Or Demand Resignations?
Terry Dunleavy

Terry Dunleavy

Terry Dunleavy, 92 years young, was a journalist before his career took him into the wine industry as inaugural CEO of the Wine Institute of New Zealand and his leading role in the development of wine...